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Silver Dollar Flash Casino is an online Mecca for any true player. Silver Dollar Flash is one of the best casinos to be found on the world wide web. They have a very expansive list of games that never get old. No matter what it is that you are looking for, it is a safe bet that it can be found here. From the newest releases to old favorites, they have what you are looking for. With some of the highest payouts in any casino and a large variety smaller coin machines, they are sure to please anyone. If you are looking to just drop a penny or two this is your place. Silver Dollar Flash is also to place to go for the monster jackpots that will keep your grandchildren set for life. You can download now and play whenever it suits your fancy. They offer immediate access to their wide variety of games. They truly have it all in this powerhouse of online gaming. So what are you waiting for? You can download the games right now and start playing at Silver Dollar Flash Casino.

Games Aplenty at the Silver Dollar

No matter what type of game you are looking for, Silver Dollar Flash Casino has it. This may be an old west themed casino, but there is nothing old about it. This casino has some the most cutting edge and top of the line slots. There are card games, table games, dice, and slots galore. Here is a look at a couple slots they have.

Green Meanies from Otta Space

This is a really fun slot with an alien theme. It has some great animations and can get a grin from the most stoic of players. There are several different payouts and even a bonus free spin game where you can really rake in the cash. If you like the alien invasion spoofs, or just making a lot of cash, you are sure to love this fun little slot.

Parrot Party Slots

This slot is a must for any parrot head. This is a very colorful and well animated game where the parrots play the guitar and drink rum. I can’t think of a better place to waste time while really raking in the cash with this high paying trip to the Bahamas. Slip on the flowered shirt, grab a margarita, and just mellow out with the Parrot Party.

Daredevil Dave Slots

This is a great little slot that has you launching Dave the Daredevil after your cash. This game pays out quite often and has some of the better graphics in the slot area. With matches, bonuses, and multipliers galore, you are not going to go low on gas with this high on fun slot. Super Dave better watch out, Daredevil Dave is the real hero.

Silver Dollar, an American Favorite

It seems that there is a growing trend of not allowing US players into online casinos. That is not true with Silver Dollar. We style ourselves after the cornerstone to the old west. This also means that we will allow anyone to come in and have a great time with great friends on some great games. Silver Dollar is an American institution and will gladly accept anyone regardless of their nationality.

Tournaments Galore in the Silver Dollar

No matter what your fancy, there is almost always a tournament for you at the Silver dollar. From slots to table and card games, there is no end to the number of tournaments that we offer here. With payouts upwards or $200,000, you will walk away happy if you sit down and try your luck on a tournament game. We also run some of the best promotions on the internet and are currently offering a 110% match bonus for deposits into your new account. So what are you waiting for? In two minutes or less, you can be having a Vegas style “staycation” this year, and with the huge jackpots and loose slots, you will probably come home with more green in your wallet.

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