Free Ethereum Slots

Cryptocurrency is very popular, and as a casino player you might have heard about using Ethereum as a payment method. More and more online casinos are offering this digital currency as an option to make wagers, complete buy-ins, and receive deposits. Ethereum (ETH) is considered a second-generation cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Litecoin would be a part of the first generation of coins. As a cryptocurrency, Ether does rely on blockchain technology, and it is a fast option for making payments. It is completely different than using Sterling Pounds or United States Dollar, as they are actually physical examples of currency. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a digital example. Ethereum can be mined using a powerful computer. This does not only add to more Ethers in circulation, and it helps validate transactions on the blockchain.

What Is Ethereum?

Even though Ethereum can be mined, it does have its differences from Bitcoin. The blockchain technology that is used for Ethereum is programmable. This digital currency uses what is known as smart contracts for programmers to use this technology for other ventures. This does not mean someone can steal Ethers by manipulating the blockchain. However, the technology can be used to host coding software scripts on the platform and these are called smart contracts. For example, there is currently a script or smart contract for a new start-up company who can use Ether to smart contracts to collect investors. There is also a smart contract for an Ethereum casino. This is why this digital currency is considered second generation cryptocurrency.

How To Obtain Ethereum For Casino Wagers

Players can use Ethereum to make gambling wagers at online casinos. Even though this digital coin may be mined, most people will just decide to purchase it from an online currency exchange. There a few online currency exchange sites that allow players to purchase Ethers for use in an online casino. Online players can start by downloading an Ethereum wallet to store their coins. It is also possible to use an online wallet, but this is thought to be less safe. Some players will also purchase a hardware wallet or a paper wallet. It is just a matter of choice of what is best for you. Your electronic wallet will have a public key which is the address and a private key which is absolutely necessary. It is your public address that will be shared with the online casino or currency exchange. Once you have your keys safe, from here you can use your bank account or debit card to sign up and be verified at an online currency exchange.

Casino players can determine how much they would like to exchange from fiat currency to Ethers. You will have to deposit the amount you would like to exchange, and this can will be converted to Ether, and can now be sent to your electronic wallet. Most currency exchangers will give a wallet address, but it more secure to use your own electronic wallet. At this point, log into your online Ether flash casinos account and copy the casino’s Ethereum wallet address for deposits, and then send ether coins from your wallet to the casino’s wallet.

Placing Wagers With Ethereum

Once the online casino has accepted and processed your Ethereum deposit, your account will be credited and you can start making wagers on online casino games. It will all depend on the type of casino you are a member of. Some casinos will accept the Ether and let you wager the equivalent of USD or Euros in the amount of Ether deposits. Some casinos will let you wager Ethereum directly on games. This is how you would gamble with Ethereum.

Top Slots Using Ethereum

It would make sense that with the popularity of Ethereum, online casino player would be looking for the top slots online. There are various ways to find these hidden gems. Players may join an online casino which offers Ether as a payment method. They will then be able to select from some of the most popular slots, and many with large jackpots and Ether casino bonuses. It is also possible to find top Ethereum slots by playing in an Ethereum casino that allows players to wager directly with this virtual money. Casino player should spend time on review sites to also help them read reviews for various slots games. These top slots have come a long way in the last few years, and they are now easier to play anywhere. Everything from video, 3D slots and progressive slots are some of the top Ether slots games.

Using Ethereum in Mobile Casinos

This brings the discussion to another usage of Ethereum and this is in mobile casinos. Online casino players are even more happy that they can use a tablet or mobile phone to play games wherever they are. This include games such as mobile slots, mobile video poker, and mobile sportsbetting. Now they can also use digital currency such as Ethereum at mobile casino sites. Players will be able to use this as a payment option in HTML5 casinos, Java or Flash mobile casinos that offer Ether. Now, they can not only play anywhere, but can use a payment option that is fast and secure for online payments.