Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness is an attempt to bring together to incredibly popular game concepts from the west and east. Specifically, it is a marriage between Mah Jong, the classic Asian gambling game, and video slots.

It works surprisingly well, and it's proving to be one of the more popular games at Liberty Slots Casino. Players are responding well to the crossover genre, with its sparkling golden graphics and thematic Asian sound effects.

Try this excellently blended game yourself by downloading the free Liberty Slots Casino software today so that you too can savor this blend of Eastern and Western gambling flavors.

East Meets West

Despite the merging of two cultures in this game, the rules of how to play it remained largely unchanged. If you have any experience at all with video slots, you'll be up and running in no time at all.

In Mah Jong Madness, you are presented with five reels covered in symbol is taken from the traditional Mah Jong Game. The aim of the game is to spin the reels and tried to get a line of matching symbols on the pay line when the reels stop spinning.

The game allows you to bet a maximum of one coin on the pay line, but you do get to dictate what coin is worth. If you're a high roller, you can set it as high as $10, but if you're just starting to learn about video slots, you can play for as little as one cent a coin.

For extra chances to win, you can activate additional pay lines - there are 21 in all. Each extra pay line costs one extra coin, but adding them increases the odds of hitting something. While you play, you'll discover your own sweet spot between number of lines and effectiveness.

Symbols As Old As Time

The imagery used on the reels of this game are all symbols lifted from traditional Mah Jong tiles. They're quite beautiful to look at, and kudos must go to the designers of this game.

Mah Jong Madness features a total of 7 tiles from the Mah Jong deck. The lower orders are mostly flower tiles, with middle order wins made up of Bamboos and Wheels. The two most valuable symbols in the game are the Red Dragon (for a 1,000 coin win) and the Green Dragon (for a 2,500 coin win).

There are, however, no Wild symbols or Scatter symbols at all.

Making the Most of Mah Jong Madness

This game does not feature any specific bonus rounds the way some five reel slots do. However, it could be argued that its lack of bonus features makes it easier to play, and is also offset by the fact that there are 21 pay lines set up to catch only 7 winning combos.