Money Shot Slots

Money Shot Slots

Money Shot is a frantic, exciting game that's set in the fast paced world of professional basketball. If you love watching the NBA, this is a game designed exclusively for you.

The game's designers have gone to town on the graphics, using a far more screen area for symbols then you normally see in this kind of game. The result is a video slot with a distinct visual punch, great sound effects, and a hefty $100,000 maximum jackpot.

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Training for the Big Game

Never played real basketball in your life before? It doesn't matter at all, because this game doesn't need in-depth understanding of any rule system. All you require is a sense of fun and the love of gambling.

You're looking at five reels covered with basketball related symbols. You place a bet on the pay line (minimum one cent, maximum $10) and you spin the reels. What you're angling for is that when they come to rest, identical symbols need to line up on your pay line. If they do, you're paid out a multiple of whatever your original bet was.

You can increase your chances of winning something off the same set of spinning reels by activating additional pay lines. Think of it as throwing a wider net. It costs more to play this way, but the odds of winning are also much higher, so it balances out.

Check Out the Courtside Honeys

One of the best things about this game, apart from the huge stack of cash you could potentially win playing it, is its striking visual style. It's a pleasure to come across a game that's as well-designed as this one is.

Across the reels, you can expect to see symbols such as Basketballs, Outfits, Shoes, the Court, Whistles, Players Making Shots, Fans, Cheerleaders, the works.

Keep your eye out for the Wild basketball symbol - it's the top earner in this game so you'll need if you want a shot at the 10,000 coins prize, but it also substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combinations. Plus, when it does this, it automatically doubles the payout.

Shoot Hoops For Bonus Cash

The first bonus feature of this game is free spins: whenever three or more scoreboards show up anywhere on the reels, you will instantly win 15 free spins, and all of the money you win will be instantly tripled!

But the real fun happens when a basketball appears on reels two and four simultaneously. In this bonus game, you must try and shoot hoops. For every successful shot to make, you win a cash prize. The bonus round continues until you make three consecutive shots, or you miss one.