Is Casino Bonus Hunting Dead?

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Many people who have been around the online casino industry for a while may remember when some players only got involved with online casinos for the bonuses. Of course they enjoy the games, but there were a small group of people who would just sign up for the bonuses just to make money from them. This was done at a time when there were more generous bonuses around. This is not to say that the bonuses are smaller today, but rather the requirements to cash out and withdraw these bonuses have changed because of some people trying to abuse the system. The debate as to whether casino bonus hunting is dead is now fairly split right down the middle. Of course, the type of bonus hunting where players are only trying to cheat the casino is now dead, but using the casino bonus offers to your advantage is still alive and well. It is just a matter of having a strategy for finding legitimate casino bonuses to increase your bankroll.

Read The Terms & Conditions

Keep in mind that bonuses were created by casinos to draw players in, and make it lucrative and enticing for them to play at a casino. Online casinos want more people to come and play as much as they can. Bonus hunting has become a way to maximize this extra money to a player's advantage. This being the case, it is still amazing how many people new to bonus hunting will not stop and take the time to read the terms and conditions associated with bonus money. There are more online casinos nowadays, so more chances to receive bonuses, but ultimately, the success of bonus hunting will depend on how strict or generous the terms and conditions might be before the money is withdrawn. For example, a bonus might only be valid if played on slots and not on Blackjack. The terms and conditions will also have information about the amount a player is able to withdraw as the maximum winnings, and how many times the bonus should be played through. It will also be in the terms and conditions which games will qualify for the bonus.

Approach With A Strategy

The online casino industry has become quite competitive since casino bonus hunting was discovered. Online casinos know another casino is just a short click away, and they can more easily lose a casino player if another online casino is offering a better bonus. However, the bonus money cannot be so easy to withdraw, as the online casino will see profit decline. To find a balance, an online casino will usually have a strategy such as spreading the bonus over more than one deposit, or the casino can implement a maximum withdrawal amount of winnings from the casino bonus. It is also common for an online casino to have wagering requirements. A bonus wagering requirements is the amount of times the money has to be wagered before the casino will approve a withdrawal request. This can be from 15x up to a wager requirement of 60x or 100x. When bonus hunting first became popular, casino members would have seen matched bonuses of 10x. It is still possible to find wagering requirements such as this, but a casino player must approach their bonus hunting with a strategy. Some players have organized their bonus hunting tactics based on casino software platforms, and they will search for bonuses from different brands offering a specific software platform. This can be ideal for those who are already comfortable with a certain casino platform. One of the best strategies to have for bonus hunting is to find a casino offering a generous bonus but with manageable terms and conditions. Casino players can make a list of what is required before they can withdraw any money, and this list should be regularly updated to monitor how far along in the process the player might be before they can satisfy the bonus requirements. As mentioned earlier, online casinos have a strategy to increase their casino members. Players should also have a strategy to increase the amount of bonus money they receive.