My Slots Rewards

Players are welcoming the recent changes to the My Slots Rewards program at Slots.LV Casino. If you have not heard, the casino has completely revamped the Rewards Portal for easier access and to offer even more to casino members. As you play, you can collect casino loyalty points and obtain more bonuses. This is also a chance to move up the tiers of the MySlots Rewards program.

All About the Loyalty

The program begins with casino members making a deposit, and they are enrolled in the first tier called the Depositor Rewards. Players will only have to sign up and begin playing to be a part of this loyalty program, and it is up to you how fast you move up the levels. This depends on the amount of participation you give to Casino.

My Slots Rewards Portal

The updated My Slots Rewards portal will provide an easier way to see how much points have accumulated and to view your current balance. It can be used to review your loyalty tier level and see what other tiers are available. Casino players will be able to instantly claim cash rewards. The changes to the Rewards Portal at Slots.LV will make it possible to receive notifications after point levels and when they will expire. This way, you will always be able to track your upcoming rewards.

Better Bonuses

There are eight different tiers that are available with better bonuses at each level. The top tiers are worth reaching as they offer a lot more at the VIP Premium Rewards and the VIP Executive Rewards tiers. Casino members can look forward to the highest reload bonuses at these top tiers. Anyone who reaches the VIP levels can also be entered for a chance to win $1000 in the casino draw. Just imagine winning this weekly draw and using the prize money to play even more casino games. This also an hassle-free way to claim cash back on net losses.

Overall, players can look forward to remaining at the same tier without losing points. Some loyalty rewards program might have the points expire after a certain time. This is not the case with the Casino My Slots Rewards program.