Liberty Slots Casino Has New Game Reel Poker Slots and Bonus

Anyone who has been keeping up to date about the latest games would have heard about Reel Poker Slots . For those of you who have not, Reel Poker Slots is one of the latest slots games from WGS and it is quite unique.

About Reel Poker Slots at Liberty Slots Casino

Reel Poker Slots is aptly named because it is a combination of a video poker game and online slots. Players who enjoy both types of games will no longer have to choose, but can just play Reel Poker Slots at Liberty Slots Casino . Playing cards are the symbols on the reels with each reel having a full deck of cards. There are five paylines and the reels are spun to see the winning combinations. Players must match the playing cards in the same way as if they were playing video poker. For example, a Straight as in video poker will be rewarded in Reel Poker Slots and this reward is 13x the amount wagered. The Royal Flush is the ultimate prize and it 10,000x the wager. There are three jackpots within Reel Poker Slots.

No Deposit Bonus

Liberty Slots Casino is giving its players a chance at a Reel Poker Slots no deposit bonus to try the game. Liberty Slots is offering a free $5 just for playing Reel Poker Slots. Just use coupon code: RPS2016 between now and the end of the year to try this slots game for free when you play at Liberty Slots Casino .