Roulette Guide: How To Play Roulette for Real Money

Roulette has become a featured game at Slots.LV Casino. It is a game that does not have a very high learning curve, and casino members are able to quickly understand how to play it. The online casino offers a few different types of roulette for players to choose from, and it is an alternative to those who are looking to try something different than the usual slot games. Casino members can see that it is possible to win and have fun doing so.

Players can find some tips below on how to approach the roulette games inside the online casino. These tips are good for those that may be just starting out playing online roulette. Those who have been playing for a while can benefit from a refresher on the roulette games at Slots.LV Casino.

Getting Started with Roulette

Online relax is an easy game to play, and it starts with selecting the wager to be placed and getting chips on the board. Players will have an option to go back and reselect how much they would like to place as a wager by using the undo button. They can also clear off all of the wagers placed on the board. After making a wager, it is just simply a matter of hitting the spin button, and the roulette wheel would start to spin with the ball. It is only a matter of waiting to see where the ball stops to determine if that was a winning spin.

Mobile Roulette Does Exist

Players may not be aware that mobile roulette does exist and can be found inside of Slots.LV Casino. They will need to have a compatible device such as an iPad or iPhone and can log in using a mobile Internet browser. The next step for getting started with mobile roulette is to navigate to the game section and look for table games that will contain all the various types of roulette available to players. The type of mobile roulette being offered is American roulette that has been optimized for your device. Players can put down wagers, and if they would like to change their wagers, they will only need to hit the back button located at the bottom of the screen. There is also the option to cancel all wagers by hitting the X.

The Main Types of Roulette

There are two types of Roulette found called American or European Roulette. American roulette has 38 spaces for the ball to fall into, and it alternates with black and red numbers. There is a green 0 and a special space with a green double zero (00). European Roulette has 37 spaces with numbers that alternate in the color of black and red. There is the green 0 but no double green 00 as with American Roulette. It is with the green 00 that there is a difference between the two types of roulette. Players may expect a house edge of 2.7% with European Roulette and 5.26% when playing American Roulette. This is due to the extra space in the American version.

Roulette Gameplay

Anyone new to roulette will discover that there are various ways to play the game. Gameplay is divided into inside or outside bets. Casino members will get a choice of how they would like to play. The inside bets consist of making various wagers such as basket, street, split, straight, corner, and double street wagers. The straight inside bet has the highest return of 35:1. Outside bets are simpler and involve choosing whether to wager on an even or odd number, a black or red number, and a low or high number. Numbers of 18 and below are considered low numbers. Therefore, outside bets are simpler and can return 1:1 on wagers placed.

Casino Strategies

Playing online roulette is not difficult, and players can help their gameplay by researching various roulette strategies to help while they are in the game. One of these strategies is the Martingale System, and it is a system that teaches players when and how much to wager based on gameplay on the board. This is only an example, and players who would like to use a Roulette strategy should understand and practice it before making real money wagers.

Try Roulette Online

Casino members who try Roulette at Slots.LV Casino will discover they have a choice between European and American Roulette. They will easily be able to play online using an all games or table games bonus for inside and outside bets.