Fire Queen Slots

One of the most popular software gaming companies has created a special type of slots games known as Double Money Burst slots. This is has led to the production of quality slots that have developed over the years. Players will enjoy Double Money Burst type slots even more than the original version.

Game Facts for Fire Queen Slots

People will enjoy Double Money Burst slots because it is based on an original slots game that involves just a 2x2 reels. This is a unique type of game because it involves the 2x2 reel being placed at the very beginning of the first set of reels. You will enjoy many different symbols and features with Fire Queen slots using the Double Money Burst design. The bonuses in the game will help improve the fun and the ability to win money. Each game under the Double Money Burst brand has its own unique design.

Anyone interested in playing Fire Queen can do so and enjoy the wilds in the game. Fire Queen has a blank square when the reels are spun. This can be substituted with a transferable wild. When the 2x2 quadrant is triggered, a wild that lands on any reel between 9 to 11 will cause the wild to expand to fill the whole space. This expanding wild can increase or cause a win. The largest amount awarded in Fire Queen is 400 credits.

Similar Slots Games

There are some game with similar themes like Fire Queen slots that include:

  • Dragon Fire Slots has a similar theme to Fire Queen slots.They are both created by WMS gaming. Dragon Fire has the same theme and has beautiful graphics. This fiery game has five reels and 30 paylines.
  • A second slots game that has a similar theme is Firelight Slots. There is the same theme of a powerful woman who is entrusted to be the light-bearer. Firelight slots had five reels and 243 ways to play and win. Players can win either 5 or 20 free spins.

Fire Queen Slots and Double Money Burst Bonus Features

There are some bonus features available for playing this game. There bonus features has to do with the expanding wilds and quadrant reels in the game.

  • People who play Fire Queen slots can enjoy a lot in this slots games. Players will receive about 50 credits for the 100 paylines available to play on. This slots game is the sequel and it has been shown that there are improvements to the game as compared to the original. The game has the ability to give large wins every time a player spins.
  • A player can enjoy the bonus round that is triggered in three different ways. When the bonus round is completed, you will receive five free spins. The first way to trigger the bonus round is by completing the 2x2 quadrant. Players will trigger the bonus round when three symbols land on reels 9, 10 and 11. The third method to trigger the bonus round is a combination of the other two ways.

The Fire Queen slots game is unique and quite a risk for WGS. However, with double the amount of wins as compared to the sequel, it is no wonder why other people are interested.