Jackpot Capital Casino Has A Summer $130,000 Promotion

Jackpot Capital Casino has a great Summer Sale promotion that is currently running at this casino. When you play at Jackpot Capital Casino, there is a welcome bonus of waiting for you as a new player. Weekly bonuses are also available to continuing players. The summer promotion is one of the top promotions in bonuses for anyone who would like extra money to play here at Jackpot Capital Casino. This promotion is throughout June and is worth up to $130,000 in prize money for anyone who would like to compete with other players.

How To Qualify

In order to qualify, the players will have to try and get to the top of the leaderboard. This will but them in the lineup for the $130K promotion. This starts from Monday of each week, and players will receive a giveaway worth up to $30K on that Monday for the best winner. Only 50 people will be able to share in the $30K prize.

Summer Sizzling Promotion

However, on Fridays during the promotion, you should try venture online and put your name on the leaderboard by playing for a prize worth up to $12,000 as the prize giveaway. The top player must be competitive but will qualify for a Summer Sizzling Steals Bonus. Forty of the other players in the top group will also have a special bonus treat. The players who are not in top 40 are instead are able to receive a smaller bonus if they are identified as having done well on the slot games leaderboards. The Summer Sale at Jackpot Capital Casino is a summer promotion that no one would want to miss.