888 Gold Slots

888 Gold Slots

888 Gold Slots is a unique slots game because it has both a luxury and Asian theme. Players will enjoy the richness of this game, but will also find it easy to play and understand. You might be wondering about the name of this slots, and the name is taken from one of the Chinese numbers for luck which is the number 8, and it is considered to be one of the luckiest number. So this game is thought to be very lucky. 888 Gold Slots was created by Pragmatic Play, and it is available for desktop and instant play computers when you play 888 Gold slots game.

Similar Slots

Some similar themed slots games include Lucky 8, Ji Xiang 8 and Lucky 88 Slots. Ji Xiang 8 Slots is a Playtech slots game featuring the number 8 symbol. There are Chinese lanterns, fish, lion statue, lion heads, gold coins and golden eggs in Ji Xiang 8 Slots. Ji Xiang 8 is a classic three reel slots with 8 paylines, and designed in a red and gold color. The top paying symbol is the lion head which will reward a jackpot of 888x the wager. You can play Ji Xiang 8 slots at a Playtech casino.

888 Gold Slots Game Facts

The 888 Gold game is designed with a contemporary Asian theme, as someone would call an theme of East meets West. So anyone who likes Asian or Chinese culture will enjoy the slot design with a Vegas style slots game. Players will see gold and red colors which are very lucky in Chinese culture. At the bottom are the buttons for gameplay which include the ability to select coin wagers, autoplay, choose the amount of lines, bet max and play to spin the reels. Players can wager from $0.01 up to $0.50, and this game can accept up to 10 coins. This means the max total spin is $5 per line with a total of $25 for a max bet with all paylines. It is also possible to autoplay up to 1000 spins in 888 Gold Slots. There are 3 reels and 5 paylines in this game. Winning combinations are awarded when three matching symbols appear on the paylines. Symbols include single, double and triple bars, red and gold lanterns, gold coins and 8s. Lanterns are also considered good luck symbols with the belief it will make this slots game very profitable. The wild symbol is the number 8 and it is also the top jackpot symbols. There are significant prizes are awarded for 4000x for four payline wins and this goes right down to 1000x for a single payline involving number 8 symbols. Other symbols such as the lanterns will payout 200x for three symbols in the payline. Similar to Vegas slot machines, 888 Gold slots will payout 8x for any of the Bar symbols in a payline. According to the paytable, the number 8 will reward with the top jackpot of 6000x when there are three of them and the maximum amount of lines are wagered. This has the potential to win up to $30,000 with all the paylines.

888 Gold Slots Bonus Feature

The number 8 is the bonus symbol because it acts as the game’s wild symbol. As the wild symbol, it will give wins in the game when it combines with other symbols. Therefore, having number 8s on the reels are beneficial, because it causes multiple wins when combined with the other symbols. The maximum win for this wild symbol is definitely seen when the number 8 wild symbol combines with other number 8 symbols in a 5-payline win.

Play 888 Gold Slots Now

888 Gold slots is a classic slots, but it has a beautiful design and a high jackpot when lucky symbols such as gold coins and number 8s are on the reels. You can play and enjoy 888 Gold Slots at a participating casino.