Parlay Entertainment

Parlay is Bingo, other software providers just skim the top of the Bingo software world, but Parlay really are the top and best in providing software for online Bingo.

Simply the Best

With over 10 years in experience in the world of online Bingo, Parlay Entertainment most definitely can claim that they set the trend in online Bingo. Using a motto of "simply the best in Bingo" may be a little presumptuous for some but not for Parlay Bingo. The dedicated team of research and development spend all their days living and breathing the Bingo world. Apart from easy to use Bingo cards Parlay Entertainment also concentrate their efforts on ingenious bonus trails and special offers. They even have Bingo tournaments and of course the chat rooms which are an essential part of the Bingo world are supported and developed at Parlay Entertainment casinos.

Variety of Bingo

With over 100 online Bingo rooms to choose from, Parlay Entertainment software is everywhere. You can find the Bingo games, 75 ball and 90 ball bingo in addition to Swedish variant bingo all over Europe, Latin America and the rest of the world. Parlay Entertainment also offers embedded Bingo games which can be personalized according to the requirements of the Bingo Casino or house to include Bingo War, unusual Bingo bets and other exciting ideas.

Additional Casino Games

Parlay Entertainment, although focusing on Bingo also offers many other games as part of its parcel. Standard table games are colorful and graphically rich with great accompanying digital sound. The slots games, many of which are Bingo related are fast moving with some very high and profitable payouts. In addition you can also choose from some of the unusual specialist games which are on offer from Keno to Scratch cards to the unique games developed by Parlay Entertainment; Lucky Star, Double Barrel and Golden Clover.

Chat and Customer Management

Many people when looking for a good Bingo game forget that one of the exciting and enticing reasons to play online Bingo is of course the potential to chat with other players and make online friends. Parlay Entertainment offer chat management services together with their other management services as part of the software package. Not only does this give the Bingo house security but also helps them to manage and keep their customer base while still offering a good game. Parlay Enterntaime has gained the name as the best Bingo software provider on the web today but with the developments and research that they are carrying out, it will soon become the best all round software provider for all online gaming.