Safari Hunt Slots

Safari Hunt is one amazingly funky game. In fact, would even go so far as to say that Safari Hunt reminded us of why we got into playing slots in the first place. This game is just so much fun to play. The visual style is light and cartoonish, with neat animations that trigger whenever one of the symbols is hit. Whoever was in the sound design team for this title clearly has an old school taste in music, because you'll hear some extremely groovy laid back funk beats whenever you win some cash. Plus, the game has a free spins feature, a bonus round and a fat $100,000 top cash prize! Head out on the Safari Hunt by visiting Liberty Slots Casino right now. You can download Liberty Slots Casino software free of charge, or, if you'd prefer not to install games on your computer, you can play right there in your web browser.

The Law of the Jungle

Although Safari Hunt has a multitude of special features, the designers have kept it easy to play. If you're familiar with the generic format of five reel slots, you should have no trouble finding your feet. New to the genre? Read on. You looking at five virtual "reels", like you used to find on classic one armed bandits. They covered in cartoon images of animals you'd find in the wild. The basic idea is that you place a bet, and spin the reels, and if at least three of the same animal lines up on the pay line, you win. But unlike the old school three reel slots, Safari Hunt allows you to play the upper line, the lower line, diagonal lines, and an assortment of criss-cross lines. You can play as many as you would like: there are 20 in all. Each line that you add does cost an additional coin bet, but also widens the net you're throwing out to catch wins.

All of the Animals

The Monkey, the Antelopes and the Toucan start the pay table, and are worth 100 coins each. There followed by the Rhinoceros and the Leopard, both worth 200 coins. The Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant and Lion scale upwards from 300 to 1,000 coins, and the game's top prize is the Off-Road Vehicle, weighing in at 10,000 coins. If you play the game on maximum bet, this equates to $100,000! The Off-road Vehicle is also the game's Wild symbol and can substitute for almost any other symbol in the game to complete a winning pay line. There's also Scatter symbol in the form of a Wild Game Watcher.

Cashing In on the Safari

Three or more Scatters triggers up to 15 free spins of the reels with all of your winnings doubled. But the game also features a bonus round when three or more Camera symbols appear on an activated pay line. In the bonus round you pick locations to go and look at game - the animals you spot are worth money. It's possible to win up to $47,000 during the bonus round!