Slots Oasis Casino

Just when many other online casinos were leaving US players in the lurch, Slots Oasis Casino decided that it was time to make a play for the US market. This attractively designed download and play casino opened in late fall of 2008, just in time to get the kinks out for the 2009 year.

The casino builds on the impressive marketing and customer service platform of Cyprus-based Isagro Holdings. Player polls consistently give their offerings top billing, and after a few minutes at Slots Oasis it is easy to see why. The user interface and graphics have all be meticulously designed, and the little details, like the rotating hieroglyphics, really set the site apart from others in the marketplace.

Slots AND Casino Games!

If you like slots, then it's a mystery why you would go anywhere other than Slots Oasis Casino. They've poured some real love into the design of these games. Yet if you want a wee break from the over-stimulating glee of playing the world's best-designed slots other casino games are available too. Everything is richly rendered, and the reported 98% payout rate doesn't hurt either.

The RTG software makes all the difference the slots, although you may also be wishing their flash illustrator designed your life! The vibrancy and realism in the games will have you wondering how to enjoy them all. Here are a few to start with:

  • Outta This World has a great title, and why not try the out of this world graphics out on this alien and space life themed slots adventure? The Men In Black won't be blasting the Cyclops Aliens, but if they don't line up right you might have to!
  • Paradise Dreams Slots is another visual fantasy land. However, you won't have to dream of the tropics anymore once you win on this slots game.

  • The video poker lover in you may tear you away from the slots. Slots Oasis poker games are fast, with a very easy to use interface and stunning graphics.

US Players Not Just Allowed But Welcomed

None of these silly location restrictions here! Slots Oasis Casino welcomes US players. Attractive and accessible banking options make it even more convenient. All transactions are processed in US dollars. You can make your deposit with Visa, Mastercard or American Express, with customer support available around the clock for questions.

Generous Launch Promotions!

Slots Oasis Casino may have a desert motif, but there are no dry rewards here when it comes to bonuses. The new player deposit bonus is 400%, with a $4,000 limit. That's right-you can earn a $4,000 bonus on your first deposit . . . .this place really is a haven in a dry, harsh landscape of gaming restrictions and stingy casinos.

The new player bonus isn't the only place they are generous, however. Blackjack fans will like the 200% deposit bonus (up to $1,000) and bonus hunters will love the weekly bonuses - 10 coupons worth more than $5,000 to players! Weekend bonuses are targeted a new deposits, and depending what you are playing you can get 100% or 150% bonuses paid out.

Download To Get The Most From Your Oasis Experience

To get the most out of the richly designed player interface at Slots Oasis Casino, download and play the games rather than using the interactive flash online. You'll get a richer experience, all the RTG functionality and speed to play the slots at their optimum points. Try it now to see what the future of gaming will be like!