Super Market Mania Slots

Super Market Mania is one of the maddest video slots we've ever seen – and it's incredibly fun to play. The theme is a trip to the supermarket - a bit of an oddball idea that shouldn't work, but does. The end result is a game that will have you looking for your next win as much for the cash as for the hilarious animation you can expect. In terms of features, this is an extremely rich game: it has everything you would expect from a top notch video slot game. It has Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and two different types of bonus rounds, plus a fat maximum jackpot prize of $100,000! Go shopping for free at golden casino today - you can download Super Market Mania at no charge from their website. Don't want to install software on your machine? No problem - you can play it online.

Preparing Your Shopping List

Playing Super Market Mania is as easy as pushing a trolley down the aisle of a grocery store: once you've done it a few times, it becomes second nature. In the centre of the display are five strips of symbols. We'd usually call them reels, but the graphic design of this game makes them look like coupons that you'd cut out from a newspaper or magazine. To play a game of Super Market Mania, simply place a bet, and then spin the strips ... uhm ... reels. When they come to rest, you're aiming to have the same coupons line up with each other. If this happens, you win a payout equivalent to a multiple of whatever your bet was.

Spotting a Bargain at the Super Market

All the symbols look like coupons, and the designers obviously had a great time with this one. For example, one looks like a classic tin of Campbell's soup, but if you read closer, you'll see it's Capitalist Soup, Lucre flavour. The pay table mostly contains groceries worth a few hundred coins each, but look out for the Cashier logo, because she's worth 1,000 coins (up to $10,000 depending on what your coin value is). The Till is the most valuable game icon, worth the top jackpot of 10,000 coins (or around $100,000 if you play max coin).

Bargain Bonus Rounds

The game has a Scatter symbol in the form of a cutout coupon. Three or more Scatters launches a free spins feature during which all winnings are doubled. But be on the lookout for the Bonus Shopping Cart. Three of this on an activated pay line launches the bonus round. In it, you must choose between three different shopping aisles in the supermarket. Each aisle contains groceries that hide a random amount bonus cash. You may select any three grocery items, and the money they're hiding makes up your bonus prize. The maximum possible bonus is around $8,700.