What’s Your Sign Slots

The funny thing about horoscopes is that although only a subset of people takes them seriously, almost everyone reads them. What's Your Sign is a game all about the signs of the Zodiac, and it's an excellent way of testing out just how lucky your star sign is. The graphics for this game features slick and humorous cartoon versions of the zodiac signs, with catchy little sound effects that play whenever you hit a winning combination. What's Your Sign? is full of great features that make it extremely fun to play such as a Wild symbol and bonus round that could earn you thousands of dollars. Speaking of dollars, the top prize weighs in at $100,000. See what the stars hold for your future by playing What's Your Sign? right now - just Liberty Slots Casino for free download version of their platform which contains this and many other excellent games.

Learning to Interpret the Stars

Learning to play What's Your Sign? is easy. It operates just like a classic one armed bandit would, but there are a few extra features. You looking at five reels covered with signs of the zodiac: all 12 signs are represented here. You must spin the reels and try to get matching zodiac signs to align with each other - get it right and you win cash prizes. You're only allowed to bet a single coin on the pay line, but you can define what that coin is worth. Beginners can play for a penny, and increase the value as they gain in confidence all the way up to $10 a coin. The game also supports multiple pay lines on a single spin - up to 12 in all.

Recognise the Signs

This game's symbol set is based entirely on the signs of the zodiac - all 12 are present, and are drawn in an amusing cartoon style. The signs rank in financial worth from Pisces on the lower end all the way through to Aries on the top end. The most valuable symbol is the Sun. Not only is it the game's top jackpot, yielding up to $100,000 if you bet the maximum, but it is also a Wild symbol, and helps compete winning combination of other symbols.

Star Studded Bonuses

The games bonus round triggers if three Bonus symbols land on an activated pay line simultaneously. The screen clears, and after a cool animation, you are presented with a wheel covered in star signs, each of which hides a random amount of bonus cash. You may spin the wheel up to 3 times, but you may only keep one bonus amount. Choose wisely.