Avalon II: The Quest For the Grail

Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail slots game is a sequel to the original Avalon slots. It has an Excalibur or medieval theme. Microgaming has improved the quality of the game by creating it with 3D effects and lots of bonus games.

Facts for Avalon II Slots Game

Avalon II: The Quest For The Grail Slots game is a great improvement on an online slots game that is already popular. Players will have five reels to win on and 243 ways to do so.

Microgaming has created a game that offers 243 paylines and is similar to other 243 games such as , Cash Spin and Just Vegas. The symbols from this slots game Avalon II include the Logo, Lady in the Lake, Golden Grail, Merlin, Face Cards and characters from the original Avalon game.

The wild symbols is the Avalon II Logo. The scatter symbol is the Golden Grail. This slots game can be played for as little as $0.01 up to $0.05. This is a total coin amount up to 150. However, playing this slots sequel is worth it with a bonus of 7500 coins.

Avalon II Slots Bonus Features

Players will be surprised by the amount of bonus features that are contained in one game.

  • There are at least three free spin features that can reward you. The first is the Merlin bonus feature. As a player, you can see the Merlin symbol randomly appear. When this happens, you will have at least multiplier and free spins given. The Merlin feature can also give a cash prize of a random amount. With the appearance of Merlin, at least a 4x to 20x multiplier is added to the winnings. If Merlin appears with a winning free spin, then this is a further 4x multiplier that is added during this time.
  • The next feature is the Expanding Wild feature. The Lady in the Lake symbol can expand over the other reels to substitute them and cause a win.
  • The Grail Bonus feature is something else for you to look out for. This occurs when three or more Golden Grail symbol appears. The game involves going on a mission to find the Golden Grail and return it to Avalon. If this bonus game is triggered a certain amount of time, then this bonus game will appear more often. As a player you will enjoy the Grail Bonus as it another 8 mini bonus games inside of it as described below.

Mini Bonus Games in the Grail Bonus Feature

  • The first of the mini bonus features in the Quest for the Grail slots game is the Lake of the Legend Bonus feature. This will trigger a game that involves the roll of the dice. This bonus game involves rolling the dice 10 times to forge Excalibur. The number on the dice must match the number pieces on the sword fragments. The great thing about the Lake of the Legend bonus feature is that numbers will correspond to the multiplier that will be awarded to you. In the end after all 10 rolls of the dice and the successful forging of Excalibur sword, there is a 15x multiplier that is given on top of everything else.
  • The Misty Vale bonus gives 15 free spins and a 1x multiplier. It is followed by the other bonus games.
  • The Whispering Words mini bonus game is a pick option in which players can choose a shield and be given the multiplier that is revealed. Players can receive up to 160x.
  • The Forest Falls mini bonus game gives you 20 free spins. The multiplier is only 1x. Players will see the Avalon II Wild logo appearing on row 1 or 2 of the reels. This can result in free spins.
  • The Dusky Moors bonus lets you select from 12 choices. This bonus feature will allow you to pick and match helms. Up to a 20x multiplier is added for matching helms, but non-matching ones can also receive a multiplier up to 8x of the winnings.
  • Another mini bonus feature is Morgan’s Keep. You can look forward to trying to receive a 2x multiplier and 20 free spins. Each win will further add to the multiplier and increase it by 1x. You may receive up to 6x for each free spin.
  • The Isle of Avalon is another mini bonus game. You can receive a high multiplier by spinning the wheels. The multiplier depends on the symbol receive on the third wheel that unlocks the fourth wheel.
  • You can enjoy the Halls of Shadows mini game. It will give you a cash prize by defeating the Black Knight to obtain the Grail
So with this many free spin and bonus game features, when you play Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail slots game, you see it is a worthy sequel.