Aztecs Millions Slots

The wealth of the ancient Aztecs is a popular theme among slot games, and RealTime Gaming (RTG) has developed it better than most, offering several Aztec games. It is a testament to RTG that each of these games with common themes manages to stay interesting, exciting, and unique—players don’t get the “I’ve been here before” feeling when they move from one to another.

One of the best and latest of the RTG Aztec slot games is Aztecs Millions Slots. This is a huge and beautifully made game with loads of options and a range of bets that will make it appealing to all players.

Wealth of the Aztecs

RTG has made some unusual choices in designing Aztec’s Millions that will make it appealing to some players, but not so to others. First of all, when playing the game, players are required to play all 25 paylines. Moreover, there is no choice of coin value on this game, which is very unusual in modern slot games, but that means that every play on Aztec’s Millions is going to have a $5 bet. This is not a high-roller game, but it is not a budget game either. These choices, however, do make the game easier to play.

Aztec’s Gold

One of the best things about Aztec’s Millions is the generous progressive jackpot. This often pays out at levels of a million dollars or more! In order to get that mac-daddy jackpot you will need to line up five of the Aztec’s Millions logos.

Hitting more frequently, players will find the major fixed jackpot of $1000 for lining up five of the Aztec Queen symbols, and beneath that is the secondary jackpot of $500 when you get five Jaguar symbols.

Wildcards and Features

This game features scatter symbols and wildcards which help keep the game going at a fast and fun pace. The scatter symbol is the Aztec Statue, and when even one shows up you get a free spin. More statues make more free spins, and if you get five of them anywhere on the screen you get a whopping 25 free spins!

The wildcard is the Aztec King, and when he shows up, he dominates. He only comes up on reels 2, 3, or 4, but when he does, he takes up the whole column, making a lot of winning combinations.

Find Aztec Treasure Now!

This game is aimed solidly at the largest group of players—those who don’t want a $250 per spin risk, but who want to play for more than a few cents per game. Though it is $5 per game, the play goes on for a long time, and it is a great looking and fun slot. So head over to your favorite RTG casino now and get the reels spinning—who knows? Maybe it is your turn to win the Aztec’s Millions!