Provably Fair Casinos

It is natural for casino players, especially new players to initially worry about the fairness of an online casino. Players want to make sure they are not being cheated out of their money, and that the games at the casino are trustworthy. Till a while ago it might not have been truly possible to detect if an individual game and collectively a casino was treating players fairly until the Provably Fair System was implemented. Provably Fair works best for those casinos which use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins or Litecoins, and it is a way truly verify if a deck of cards shuffled or if the roll of the dice can be trusted. This is a way to test if the outcomes have been tampered with. There are Provably Fair Casinos, and players will have options to either use the Provably Fair system provided by the casino or use an independent Provably Fair verifier. This is a way for players to see if they are being cheated and a casino can be tested and verified to confirm if true or not. When the average person first looks at the Provably Fair system, it might appear complicated, but it really is not after doing it a couple of times when you play at Provably Fair Casinos.

How The Provably Fair System Works

The main technology behind the Provably Fair System is to have the dice rolled or the cards shuffled using the SHA256 algorithm. The SHA256 algorithm is what is known as a cryptographic hash, and it is used so no one knows what the outcome will be. The steps are straightforward to use this method of verification. A player will load up a new game round and the casino will use a hardware random number generator to generate a server seed number. The Client will also generate a Client Seed number. It will result in a two string number which is then joined together to make one long number which is kept secret. The number is then sent through the SHA256 hashing algorithm to produce a server seed hash. The server seed hash is revealed to the player, and the game proceeds to the outcome. This gives players a chance to check the game for fairness. Each casino member will generate his own number which is combined with the casino's number. A player can check that the game, the two string number or the secret long number were not tampered with in any way. Also, the casino's server will not have any idea which number will be generated as the client seed to be used for hashing. It is ideal for online casinos which use Bitcoins, and this keeps the casinos providing fair play. Provably Fair Casinos will soon be adopted by all casinos who want to provide fair gaming. The system cannot only be used with dice, ball or card games, but is used with Roulette and slots at Provably Fair Casinos.