Pennies Wager Lands $20K Liberty Slots Jackpot

This is recent win by a Liberty Slots Casino player is exactly the dreams of many casino players still waiting to win the big one. The play Kim D. from Pennsylvania found herself the winner of a $20,000 jackpot when she played at Liberty Slots Casino. Kim could not believe she had won when the slot machine after the screen lit up to show the win.

How The Win Happened

Kim D. said she would often enter promotions and tournaments at Liberty Slots Casino. Every day she would take part in the free slots tournament that Liberty Slots has on a daily basis. Players are given a free $100 to get started, and the money won can be use to play on games. Kim D. was able to receive a free $2, and she used this money to wager on slots. With an initial $0.25 wager, she soon switched to penny slots, and found herself playing 7x Lucky 7s Slots. 7x Lucky 7s Slots is a 3 reel slot game created by WGS. Kim wagered on this WGS slot by reducing the coin wager to $0.03 to make her free Liberty Sots bonus money last longer. Kim D. was able to trigger the progressive jackpot and found herself $19,429.51 or approximately $20K richer. She accomplished this big win with just using a free $0.03 wager.

Kim D said she prefers to play at Liberty Slots Casino because she thinks they have great customer service. Kim said they respected her as a casino member during her interactions with the casino representatives. This unexpected win could not have come at a better time as Kim was recently widowed in he 50s and was having to pay the mortgage on her home by herself for her and their two children. Now she will be using this money to pay the remainder of what is owed. This win could not have come at a better time for her and her family. Anyone wanting to wager their pennies or more can do so when they play7x Lucky 7s at Liberty Slots Casino.