Bovada Casino Announces Leaderboards Competition

Anyone looking to have a bit more fun may now do so with the recent announcement of the Leaderboards Competition at Bovada Casino. The excitement of the competition is already heating up, and this promotion has only just started. This is one of the ultimate new promotions at Bovada Casino that you as a casino player will not want to miss when you join Leaderboards.

Bovada Casino Leaderboards Competition

The Leaderboards Competition at Bovada Casino highlights the joy of healthy competition among casino members. During this promotion, casino members will compete to see who can collect the most points while playing featured and popular casino games. Those at the top of the Leaderboards will be rewarded with extra bonuses for placing on the board. This is a free competition and there is no buy-in for it. Players will just continue their usual casino gameplay and will accumulate points, and do so by making wagers and playing games. If a casino member wins during the Leaderboards Competition, these winnings are indeed counted, as this is just your regular gameplay at Bovada Casino.

Getting Started with Bovada Casino Leaderboards

Entering the Leaderboards promotion at Bovada Casino is very straightforward. Players will only have to sign into their casino accounts and will be able to see the Leaderboards Competitions for that day. Members will only have to make a choice of which of the competitions they would like to enter, and as stated the entry is free. The Leaderboards will feature specific games such as New Blackjack, Fast & Sexy Slots or Bulletproof Babes Slots, just to name a few. Casino members will be required to spin, play and win to receive points that are tallied up to see which position each position is on for the leaderboard. This is a live leaderboard, and points will count for playing a hand or placing a wager in Blackjack games. Points for slots games are for making wagers and spinning the reels. Anyone who places in some of the top spots can look forward to exciting new online bonuses at Bovada Casino, and of course, bragging rights about being on the board.

Can You Beat the Competition to Win?

This is really your chance to see if you have what it takes to rank on the boards. The Leaderboards is a free competition to enter and gives access to those who place on the boards. Enjoy the Leaderboards Competition at Bovada Casino.