Liberty Slots Player Wins Slots Jackpot Second Time

You might remember the last news post about a player Raffaella D. who won a big jackpot of $100,000 over the Christmas. Raffaela from California won this jackpot while playing the WGS slots called Agent Cash Slots. After her big win, the player had cashed out most of her money to sit back and enjoy it. However, Raffaela found herself recently playing Agent Cash Slots again, and when the reels spun the last time, she was granted a $375,000 jackpot win! The shock of winning again on the same game was unbelievable for her.

The Win

As a WGS slots, Agent Cash has five reels and 30 paylines. This is a fun spy theme slots game with wilds, scatters, free spins, and other bonus features such as a bonus game. The game accepts wagers from $0.01 up to $10. The max wager is $300 for all the paylines active. Raffaela returned to Agent Cash slots hoping to win big with an expanded vertical wild covering all five reels. This is very rare in any slots games, and just the same in Agent Cash slots. Her game plan was to play the maximum total wager of $300, even though her husband was not amused by the $300 a spin. She placed a couple of wagers, and soon was able to have her wish granted. All of the five reels showed a wild symbol, and she was rewarded with her $375K. Raffaella said she has never won this much in the past; just small wins. However, her two big wins in the same casino using the same game will now let her and her family pay off the mortgage, and do all of the things they have always wanted to do.

Current Liberty Slots Bonus

Players can enjoy playing at Liberty Slots Casino with their own wins. The casino has a special Free Spins bonus on Funky Chicken Slot. Casino members can receive 50 free spins until the end of March using bonus coupon code: MQ681RB This is a chance to enjoy that Liberty Slots has to offer.