Supreme Court Overturns Sports Betting Ban

Anyone who has been following the news in Sports Betting the past couple of months was at the edge of their seat wondering what decision the Supreme Court would make. Recently the Supreme Court of the United States has released that they will lift the ban in the states such as New Jersey that did not allow for sports betting wagers.

This ban was part of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). It was often referred to as the Bradley Act. However, sports betting in Nevada was exempt from the Act along with any of the sports lotteries to be found in Oregon or Delaware. The lifting of this ban, to say the least, is a monumental change in the United States sports betting world.

Ban on Sports Betting Lifted

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court will pave the way for states to now legalize sports betting. There have been certain states such as New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia that have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the news from the SCOTUS. These states along with West Virginia had been hoping for something like this to happen. However, other states such as Illinois, California, and New York have laws pending. Keep in mind it will really not be until the end of this year or next year until a majority of the states will make a decision on sports betting. At the moment the experts have stated that approximately up to 20 states are looking favorably on sports betting.

What Does the Future Hold?

This is one of those “wait and see” moments. Not only does this ruling affect sports betting in different states, but a lot of sports betting is completed offshore. Will these offshore markets collapse because Americans will be able to place sports wagers at home?