Which Casino Game Has The Best Odds Of Winning?

Casino games continue to be popular and it is no surprise for casino players to want to know which casino game has the best odds of winnings. Most casinos whether brick and mortar buildings or online casinos will have lots of games such as video poker, slots, Roulette, Blackjack, dice, Keno, and Baccarat. Of course, it is normal to wonder which of these games will give you the best return for your money.

The Tables

According to the experts, the table games lead the pack when it comes to having better odds when it comes to receiving a win. Some casino players might not understand how to play games such as Baccarat or Texas Hold ‘Em so they stick to the safer option of just pressing spin on the slots machine. However, table games will have the better odds, and specifically Blackjack will have the best odds of winning in casino. Anyone who can do simple math would be able to calculate what it takes to beat the casino dealer, but still stay under 21. Players will discover that most casinos have a house edge of only one percent.

The Dice

A second game to consider is a dice-type game called Craps. Casino players will be able play Craps with a house edge also of 1% that will give you around 50-50. These odds of winning are better than other games especially slots. With craps you will fair better by placing wagers on the outcome of the dice rolls. Craps is great for those players who appreciate fast game action and the chance to win big.