What Is Max Bet?

A casino player might see the Max Bet or Bet Max as a button on a slots game. They can also read in the paytable and discover that the jackpot or a bonus feature is not activated until the max bet is wagered. You might be wondering what is the max bet and why is there so much time spent on using it. The “max bet” is another way of saying the maximum bet. This is the total wager a game will accept. For example, in a slots game with a five payline and up to five coins of $1 accepted on the lines, then the max wager is $25. This is $5 per each of the 5 paylines. The max bet can be as low as $15 to more than $100 per spin. High rollers are not always fond of max bets and will navigate to the games which they can wager very high amounts.

When to Choose a Max Bet

There are various times in your gameplay when it is wise to choose a maximum bet. You can play the max wager when there are significantly higher payouts for doing so. For example, this is not the usual 3x or 5x, but a substantial wager that will lead to a win of 100x the amount wagered or more.

It is also essential to consider the type of game you are playing before you choose the max bet. For example, you can play within your budget for a classic slots game unless the game stipulates that the jackpot is not won without placing the maximum wager. In classic slots, it may be a good idea to choose the max wager when there is a significant difference between one, two or three credit wagers. If a two-credit wager wins 2000 coins and a 3 credit wager wins 15,000 coins then playing max may be more in your favor.

You can consider choosing a max bet when the slots game has more than one paytable. There are only a handful of slot games such as this, but a higher wager can give access to a higher win. Players will be able to move from the lower paytable to higher pays. In some instances, specific bonus features will not be activated unless a bet max is on the lines.

One of the types of games in which playing the max bet is thought to be a good choice is during progressive gameplay. A large number of progressive jackpots are not triggered to payout until a player wagers the maximum amount. No matter how much the reels are spun, only a max bet will put the player in as a contender to win a progressive. Software providers have made it easy. All you have to do is hit a single button and the top wager is placed for you.