What Is A Pari Mutuel Basis?

A “Pari Mutuel” is used to describe a form of wagers in which mutual bets are made among all of the players. It literally translates from French to “mutual betting”. This way of placing wagers are thought to have become in 1870, and was eventually adopted around the world especially at Churchill Downs. The kind of wagers placed are more conducive to games such as horse racing, and players will be able to use these type of wagers in a racebook. It is also possible to have Parimutuel Bets on other sporting events. All that is needed is to have a game in which the participants can be ranked depending on how they compete.

Not Fixed Odds

The other type of wagers placed at the bookmakers is called fixed odds. For example, players will review the odds of a team winning the Super Bowl and place wagers accordingly. If the team they chose wins, then there are payouts in relation to odds you made the wagers for. The wagers are placed in the hopes of winning against the sportsbook. It does not matter how the other players wagered in regards to fixed odds. However, for the Pari Mutuel basis this is the exact opposite. You are really placing wagers against the other bettors. Even though the wagers are on a race, the payouts are really determined by the wagers placed by other people wanting the same outcome. There are odds, but the odds that are paid out may change from the time you place your wager and the result is received depending on many other people also place wagers for the same thing. You would be smart to notice that the amount you receive will change as more people place wagers.

Placing Wagers

It is safe to say that in most races or games involving a Pari Mutuel basis wager, it is the newbies/novices or those who are not sure what they are doing who will place wagers really early on. The information released that a horse has a good chance to win at the beginning may change. It will be fewer winnings if you place a wager on a horse that is flooded with wagers right before the race. However, an unpopular horse or team that goes on to win will give your longer odds and higher winning amounts. This is why many of the seasoned horseplayers will wait until as long as possible to place a wager. It is also essential to have special information that will not be widely known by other bettors.

Keep in mind that there are other forms of Pari-Mutuel basis such as the large lotteries in which the wins are determined by the tickets sold.