What Is The Most Money Ever Won On A Slot Machine?

Winning big on the slots machine is the dream of every slot player. It might seem like those around are getting winnings, but all of your smaller wins add up. You might be curious to know what is the what is the most money ever won on a slot machine? It is double-digit figures, and one game seems to keep popping up with big wins.

The Biggest Winner

To date the biggest slots jackpot was won by a 25-year old Los Angeles man who won approximately $39.7 million dollars while playing the Megabucks Slots in March 2003. he was able to hit the jackpot while in Las Vegas. The jackpot winner asked the Excalibur Casino to keep his identity a secret. This large win was of course not given to player all at once, but rather he is receiving approximately $1.5 Million each year spread over 25 years.

Cocktail Waitress Celebrates

Another big winner was also on the Megabucks machine. This machine is a component of the MegaJackpots system which is a progressive slots game. This was a $34.9 Million jackpot that was won by Cynthia Jay-Brennan in January 2000. She happened to be out with family enjoying the casino and placed up to $21 to win the progressive jackpot while in the Desert Inn of Las Vegas. This was a big win for her as she was working as a cocktail waitress at the time.

Huge Megabucks Win

Currently, the third big win was from an ex-airline attendant who happened to be playing the Palace Station in Las Vegas. The woman in her late 60s made an error and placed $300 when she only had the thought of placing a $100 wager. Well, the game rewarded her larger effort and paid out approximately $27 million on Megabucks. This lady was no stranger to big wins as she had previously won $680,000 while playing the progressive Wheel of Fortune slots.

Finnish Player Wins Big

A player from Finland was able to convert his small wager into a massive win. The player was only placing $0.25 wagers, but he was rewarded with a $24 Million win. This was while playing the Mega Moolah progressive slots game.

One Surprised Player

In March 2002, the Megabucks slots machine paid out again, and this time to reward Johanna Huendl. She was playing at Bally's Las Vegas Casino and receive a large $22.6 Million jackpot win. Originally from California and on vacation to Las Vegas, Ms. Huendl said she would have been fine with just $2 Million, but was more surprised with the $22.6 Million.

Second Time Win

One of the jackpot winners that must be mentioned is a second time winner Elmer Sherwin who is also a war veteran. He had previously won $4.6 million while playing at The Mirage in Las Vegas. This was on the Megabucks game. However, Elmer went on to accomplish what dreams are made of and won a second time playing Megabucks. His second win was a total of $21 Million while inside the Cannery Casino.

As you can see, a few games such as Megabucks, Mega Fortune and Wheel of Fortune have had the biggest jackpot wins in history. Other large jackpot games include Mega Moolah Slots.