How Do The Lines On A Slot Machine Work?

For the majority of the slot machines you see, the manufacturer will mention the number of lines that the game has. You may wonder, “How do the lines on a slot machine work?” It is actually quite simple to understand the lines or paylines. A payline is one of the things about slot machines to become familiar with because these lines are associated with payouts, and will determine how you will be paid.

What is a Line

A “line” is just a short form for the term “payline” and it is used to describe the various combinations of symbols that can happen in a slots game that results in a payment. It is also known as a “betting line”. The slot line is a unique feature used in the design of the game, and each slots machine will have a different number of paylines. For example, the classic slots machine has only one payline. This single payline gives out a winning amount when three matching symbols can be found in a horizontal line. For video slots and 3D slots, the paylines become more complicated. These games may have multiple paylines that form all sorts of patterns from straight lines to zigzags. The usual multiple paylines are 20 paylines, 25 paylines, and 30 paylines. However, it is possible to have 40 paylines or even 50 paylines. Some games have been created with 100 lines. Slot machines may also be variable lines or fixed lines. A variable line game will allow you to select a specific number of lines to wager on. However, in a fixed line game you will have to wager on all the lines.

How to Play the Lines?

Playing the lines or the paylines is essential for slots gameplay. For example, in a variable 20 payline game, the lines are numbered from 1 to 20. You will have to place a wager on the paylines to get the machine to spin. The lowest amount is $0.01 or 1 cent on a single line. The reels will spin when activated and you can play this to your heart’s content. However, it is possible to wager higher coin denomination amounts on a few lines, lower coin denominations on all the lines or higher amounts on all the paylines. For a fixed 20 payline, you may also choose the coin amounts, but the wager has to be on all the lines. Paylines can help you with your budget or bankroll. For example, if you want to place $1 on 20 paylines, then you will be placing a total wager of $20 every time you press the spin button to move the reels. In many of the progressive slots, you will not qualify to trigger the jackpot unless you play the max wager which is the highest coin denomination on all the lines.