How Much Does A Dealer At A Casino Make?

Someone might be thinking about a career as a casino dealer. This is an honest job for honest wages. Well, actually honest wagers are more like it. Casino dealers are there to help customers within a casino. They can be at a Blackjack table, poker table, three card poker or Baccarat table. There is not a lot of education required to become a casino dealer. All players will be required to have graduated from high school and received a high school diploma or equivalent. Anyone wanting to be hired will need to go to a special gaming school. These schools will allow students to be taught to deal for games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Poker, and even Mini Baccarat. Many of these courses will last for 10 days or up to two weeks. Another successfully complete the program, you can search for a casino dealer position. Some dealers want to find their dream job in Las Vegas as this is one of the most profitable players to be a casino dealer.

Base Salary & Tips

The casino dealer position will allow you to enjoy working in some of the top casinos. However, it is natural to wonder how much you will make in this position. According to Glassdoor, a casino dealer’s salary can range from $17,000 and lower and up to $53,000 and over. Anyone who is just starting out can expect from $8 per hour. Most dealers will receive a low base pay at $10 per hour. The average salary for an experienced dealer is $30K. Of course, the salary for a casino dealer would vary by state. Some states such as Texas and Minnesota provided the higher salaries for a dealer at a casino which was over $35K. Dealers in Nevada made some of the lowest base pay at around $17K. The reason the base pay for dealers is low because a big chunk of the money they make is in tips. So, the $17K in Nevada can be increased to $50K and higher with tips and other benefits.