What Is The Best Bet In A Casino?

So many bets or wagers are placed within this country on a daily basis. These bets are placed around the clock whether in a brick and mortar casino or by playing online. There is also a type of casino open somewhere to receive your wager. It was estimated that players in the United States spent more than $30 Billion just by placing wagers. If you are part of the millions of people who did so, it is a smart idea to know what is the best bet in a casino.

The Bet Bet In A Casino

One of the best bets in a casino is the Odds Bet. This is a Craps bet that has zero odds. Yes, you read this correctly. It is almost as if it is a free wager for you because there is no house advantage to it. Indeed it is a rare form of gameplay and you will usually not hear a casino promoting it because of the zero house edge. However, there is a catch to placing the Odds Bet. Before you do so, you will have to place either a Pass Line or Don't Pass Line bet. Then you will be able to play the Odds Bet. As you have figured out, the Pass Line Bet or Don't Pass Line Bet do have a house edge. The house edge can be 1.41% for the Pass Line and 1.36% for the Don't Pass Line.

Playing the Odds Bet is after you have chosen either a Pass Line or Don't Pass Line. The player will then roll, and if the number rolled is either a four, six, eight, nine, and 10, then you can play more chips on the table pass the usual Pass Line. With a zero house edge, a casino will place a maximum on the odds bets, but you may see then range from 3X up to 5X. In a couple of casinos, the Odds Bet may be 100X. However, keep in mind that if you want the Odds Bet, you cannot play it until after a Pass Line or Don't Pass Line bet on the Craps table.