What Is A Loose Slot Machine?

You might have overhead someone talking about a “loose” slot machine and wondering what they meant. No, it does not refer to a slot machine that is off-kilter, but rather the type of gameplay to expect on the machine. In a regular casino, you will see more players favoring loose slot machines.

All About Loose Slot Machines

In simple terms, a “loose” slot machine is geiven the label when players see that it will pay out more often than other slot machines. There is usually a long line of players for these machhines. The online casinos will have these machines so they can stick to their high payout rates of over 90%. Another reason to find slot machines such as this is because these machines are good to encourage casino members to play more and to tell others about it.

Not everyone is convinced that loose slot amchines exist. Each slot game will have its own hit frequency and a different return to player, and variations are to be expected. However, the RTP is not just for that moment or period of time that you are playing in a casino, but rather is distributed over a longer length of time. A casino player might assume that the higher RTP is for when they are playing at that moment, but this is not the case. It is based on the machine’s payout over hundreds of thousands of spins. However, there are better playing slot machines than some others, and those with a payback of 98% are considered loose by casino players.