Playing Progressives at Manhattan Slots

Slot game players are always looking for something new and exciting to up the excitement on their favorite games. That is why we have such a great collection of online slots now, including bonus rounds, great graphics, and some totally reinvented games. Experienced slot players know, whether in a brick-and-mortar casino or at an online casino property, the best way to boost the excitement is by playing the progressive games.

In progressive slot games, the jackpot is not fixed, but it escalates as the game is played by multiple players. Most do have a top limit, but that limit is generally many times what the top fixed jackpot is. When a player hits the jackpot, they collect their huge winning, and the jackpot counter is re-set to a pre-determined minimum, and starts the slow crawl upwards once again.

As one of the best of the best of online casinos, Manhattan Slots has an extraordinary collection of progressive slot games, totaling to nine, in all, for the serious progressive players out there. Do not miss these when visiting Manhattan Slots!

  • Aztecs Millions —Everyone covets the wealth of the ancient Aztecs, and this game provides players a means of building a golden empire of their own! The game is beautiful and the major and minor pots are always on the rise, making it all the more tempting.
  • Crazy Dragon—This is a gorgeous, super-traditional, three-reeler from the days of the Rat Pack and the Sands Casino! We love the old style games, and this is one of the best, made better with that progressive pot climbing skyward with every pull of the lever.
  • I.R.I.S. 3000 —If Crazy Dragon is super traditional, I.R.I.S. 3000 is downright futuristic! This amazing game offers every sort of customizable payline option so players get to create their own progressive game. This is a fantastic game with amazing graphics and major and minor progressive pots that will make some players very, very happy.
  • Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold—Every player would love to acquire the riches of ancient Egypt, and this game gives them a way to indulge that fantasy. The fortune of the last pharaoh of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra is at stake on this beautiful and fun game. Her wealth and beauty were legendary, and as Cleopatra captivated both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony with her charms, and this game will captivate serious slot enthusiasts with its always increasing major and minor jackpots.
  • Jackpot Piñatas—Kids love whacking a piñata filled with candy, toys, and coins at birthday parties. Take out the candy and the toys and multiply the coins by a lot, and you have the theme of this whimsical progressive slot game. As is true of all progressives, the jackpots are constantly on the rise, and as they go up, so does the excitement!
  • Mid-Life Crisis—With imagery of hot tubs, motorcycles, gold chains, little blue pills (!), and other things that men should not buy during their mid-life crises, this is a humorous, simple five-reel game. With, of course, some amazing jackpots!
  • Shopping Spree & Shopping Spree 2 – Shopping Spree and Shopping Spree 2 are pretty basic five reel slot games in a quaintly old-fashioned style. Players who crave the games of the late 70s will fall in love. The retro look, however, does not mean retro jackpots—these shopping sprees can end up with giant winnings!
  • The Shark—The theme here is the treasures to be found under the sea. Again, this is a very traditional game for fans of simple five-reel play. The lack of bonus rounds and side-games, however, is more than compensated for by those beautiful progressive pots!

Play Progressives Now!

Manhattan Slots is one of the most stylish and great-looking online casinos to be found. And for progressive slot players, it simply cannot be beat for selection. Since it runs the legendary Realtime Gaming software, the games run smoothly and predictably every time. So head over to Manhattan Slots now and get the progressive reels spinning—every minute you delay, someone else is getting closer to your jackpot!