Bitcoin Gold/BTG

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is one of the group of virtual currencies known as cryptocurrency. You might notice that Bitcoin Gold has a similar name to the most popular currency Bitcoin. This is not the gold version of Bitcoin, but rather it was created as a result of Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin Gold came about as a result of a hard fork or a split in the blockchain. This is not the first time this has happened, and Bitcoin Cash was also created as result of a Bitcoin fork. The Bitcoin Gold fork was completed in the last quarter of 2017.

There are different ways to obtain Bitcoin Gold to make payments for items or to use it in online casinos. The first way to get Bitcoin Gold is if you had were the owner of Bitcoin when the hard fork happened. If you owned Bitcoin, then you are able to claim the equivalent of that amount as Bitcoin Gold. For example, anyone with 10 Bitcoins could create a wallet and would receive 10 Bitcoin Gold. Most of the exchanges have put it in place to alert members that they now own Bitcoin Gold if they previously own Bitcoin. You would then have both Bitcoins and Bitcoin Gold to use. Another way to get Bitcoin Gold to send to others is by making a purchase using an online currency exchange where regular fiat or other another cryptocurrency can be used to exchange for Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold Transactions

More and more online casinos are offering cryptocurrency as a payment option for members. This is because the technology involved in this digital currency is beneficial to both the online casino and the casino player. Bitcoin Gold is the ideal way for someone wanting to protect their bank account details from being intercepted by fraudsters. Instead a casino player can just use their Bitcoin Gold wallet to send these coins as a casino deposit. Any winnings can then be sent back to the wallet address when the player requests a cashout. This shows that digital currency such as this is more secure to use on the Internet for casino payments. It is beneficial to consider using this payment method during times when you bank or financial institution would prefer you not use your credit card to make deposits into online casinos. For some casino members, the government or financial institution might block the use of credit cards in these transactions. Now, you will no longer have to wonder how you can make deposits when you have a Bitcoin Gold wallet that solves this problem.