Slot Machines With Bonus Rounds

Slot machines with bonus rounds are quite popular because they keep players on the edge of their seats due to the fact that they are packed with surprises. Some bonus slots offer free spins, multipliers, and big jackpots. Slot machines with bonus rounds come in a variety of pay lines such as 20 pay line slots and 25 pay line slots. These slots have a wide variety of themes to attract just about any type of player because of their quality graphics, large payouts, and expert design. Extra pay lines means that there's more chances to win the bonus features. Plus, multipliers ensure huge wins. Some of the top recommended bonus slot games are The Reel Deal Slots, Super Market Slots, and X Marks the Spot .

Great Bonus Opportunities

The Reel Deal Slots comes from the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal! The bonus round is what makes this slot game so popular. Here, you choose briefcases from a total of 25. Each briefcase is marked from 1 to 25, and each has a dollar value from $1 to $100,000. During the bonus round you will pick one briefcase and then three more. On either side of the briefcases are the listed dollar amounts. As each briefcase is opened up one dollar amount is eliminated from the list. Remember the banker...he will be making you offers all along.

Stellar Graphics

X Marks the Spot requires you getting three maps to reach the incredible bonus round. Here, you will see a large map with several X's on it with a pirate in the middle. Dollar amounts are revealed and you can keep them or trade them in...the choice is all yours. If you trade it then you get a key that will open the box of treasure. This slot game has superb animated graphics and sounds.

Tons of Fun!

Supermarket Slots is also very popular because it is fun...not to mention the bonus round. Each symbol, such as the mustard, ketchup, and mayo, are put in a coupon-like box. Get three supermarket carts and you will trigger the bonus round. You will go to a second screen and suddenly find yourself inside the supermarket. Select an aisle, then three items which all reveal a dollar amount. You can have the option of keeping the money or trading it.

These are just some of the games and few of the reasons why slot machines with bonus rounds are the preferred choice for many when deciding to engage in some online gaming.