eWalletXpress No Longer a Payment Option - Use Alternatives to eWalletXpress

Since than, when online casino players who have been funding their US casino accounts using eWalletXpress are receiving messages from casinos that there is some problem with eWalletXpress, enough time has passed and this problem is not solved!!! We can recommend to all our American friends to use Alternatives to eWalletXpress : prepaid gift card options, VISA, AMEX, Netteler, Quick Cash, Eco, Ukash. All of them are offered by Liberty Slots casino.

Online Banking is Smart for Online Gamers

It is a great idea to create an online bank account where you deposit your gaming budget and keep it separate from your day to day checking account. An eWalletXpress account allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds online, instantly transferring funds to and from any merchant website that supports eWalletXpress as a payment option. eWalletXpress is great online gaming budgeting tool to keep your playing funds accessible, secure and separate from your regular bank account. If your money is safe and accessible when you need it, then you'll spend more time playing and less time worrying or dealing with mundane affairs of things like bank accounts.

Make Banking Simple

Everyone is busy these days, and to enjoy as much free time as we can, we need to make things as simple as possible. Think how easy it would be, since you are online anyway, to have all your gaming resources online and in one place. No having to dig out your credit card and type in the number, you just link the casino to your online account and you are all set.

Stay in Budget

It is a great way to keep your gaming budget under control. You make one deposit a month or every two weeks and then you never have to worry about going over your budget. The account works in your favor - you don't have to keep tack of how much you play. You just play, knowing that you are within you limit with no need to worry about accidentally skimming a little off your electric bill.

Keep Your Money Safe

And when you are dealing with money online, you want to know you are safe. You don't want to be passing out your credit card number or bank information. It is better to limit who has that information, and opening an online account is the perfect way to do that. Now you are only giving your information to one company online, and it is a company you know you can trust. eWalletXpress uses up to date technology in order to provide you with the most secure way of using your eWallet account. Keeping your personal information secure is their top priority - not just something they do as part of their site. It is their job. eWalletXpress have developed proprietary systems ensuring that your valuable personal information is kept encrypted and stored a in Tier 1 data center, a system that has been utilized by many banks and other leading financial institutions.

This may be the best play you make to enhance your online gaming experience. Let eWalletXpress take care of your eWallet, so you can focus on just having a good time playing the games you love, without worry or stress.