Deposit Methods for U.S. Players

American-based players have more and more options when it comes to Online Casinos. The list continues to grow. Many of these casinos, however, limit the number of deposit and withdrawal methods for U.S. players. This makes it challenging for players to find suitable options, especially when some of the best known companies, such as Paypal, do not allow players from the United States to do casino transactions through their service.


Some casinos, including Manhattan Slots Casino, use Click2Pay services. The money comes from your bank account or credit card, and Click2Pay sends it to the casino. There are often fees charged when using their service. In the United States, credit card transactions carry a 3% fee.

Credit Cards

Credit cards, typically MasterCard and Visa, do allow transactions to take place. You can only use credit card to deposit into your account. Be sure to check for minimum transaction levels. At Liberty Slots, players must deposit at least $45 in order to use credit card. The maximum amount depends on your company. In addition, many casinos, such as Bovada, make it clear that any international currency fees charged by the credit card company are your responsibility.

To use a credit card, you must fill out a credit card authorization form with the casino before making a deposit. This form is a page long and requires your card information, signature, casino account information, and mailing/billing address.

EZ Voucher

Club USA Casino accepts EZ Vouchers. You purchase the voucher online with a credit card, there are no fees, and then cash in the voucher at the participating casino. Note that EZ Voucher vouchers expire 14 days from time of purchase, so you need to buy it and use it as quickly as possible.

OK Pay

OK Pay is similar to Paypal, only some casinos, such as Manhattan Slots Casino, allow U.S. players to deposit with this method. Service fees are 2.5%. Transfer fees are 0.5%. Withdrawal fees are 1%. Check with the casino to see what limits are in place because the service fees can vary between casinos.

Quick Cash

QuickCash is free, but there is a minimum deposit limit of $100, and a maximum transaction limit of $3,000. You can only use their service once a day.

Transfer Money/Wire Transfers

Like QuickCash, Transfer Money services restrict senders to one transaction a day. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are $100 and $3,000 respectively.

Withdrawing Your Winning


Wire transfers are helpful when withdrawing money, but note that there is a $45 transaction fee. It takes up to 14 business days to receive your money. If your bank allows international deposits, look into having the casino send the money straight to your bank account.

The other option is to wait for a check delivered by a courier. This often takes up to a week to receive, plus any hold your bank requires while they wait for the check to clear.