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WGTWager Gaming Technology

Wager Gaming Technology If you have been playing at OddsOn casinos, you will be delighted to know that WGT is their new name complete with new games, new ideas, and a portfolio that provides USA players with a gaming experience unlike any other. With competition among software companies at an all-time high, it is the players who benefit when a new company emerges, and such is the case with Wager Gaming Technology. Whether you choose to download their software or select instant play - there portfolio of over 90 games has no doubt enhanced the overall gaming experience of its players.


Real Time Gaming When Real Time Gaming began in 1999, they probably didn't realize they would become the most recognized gaming software on the internet. With a portfolio of over 100 games, Real Time Gaming Casinos offer the very best in service, downloads, customer support, as well as a user-friendly gaming experience. Open to USA players, RTG became more popular with its Real Series slots games. Thus, their reputation has benefited players around the world look to RTG casinos for superb graphics, sounds, and games.


Microgaming Developed in 1994, Microgaming technology is regarded as a leader in the online casino gaming community. With a portfolio of over 250 games to its credit, it has the ability to incorporate new games due to its large platform capacity. For players who enjoy Microgaming Casino, no doubt they can attest to the fact that the progressive jackpots are quite lucrative - perhaps the top of the line when it comes to payouts. It is a fact that over $250 million in progressive jackpots have been won to date, which is a testament to the software and popularity of Microgaming casinos.


Parlay Entertainment Developed in 1997, Parlay Entertainment is relatively new to the online casino gaming scene. However, from the start it packed a wallop for Bingo players. Moreover, its use of Flash games has catapulted this software company to reach millions of players around the globe, including USA players as well. But their 75 and 90 ball Bingo games is just one of their successes - they also offer slots and tables games as well. Touted as having the most realistic games online, Parlay Entertainment enables players to enjoy games instantly with no download required.


888 Holdings PLC Beginning in 1996, 888 Holdings PLC is known as one of the biggest online casinos anywhere in the world. Perhaps this is due to the fact that 888 Holdings considers quality - not quantity, to be the magnet that brings in more players than any other software company. Moreover, 888 Holdings promotes their sites with a strong and innovative flair; and the result is that players have enjoyed playing at a company that is promoted on the London Stock Exchange. In addition, their multi-lingual software allows players from around the world to chat and fully enjoy the gaming experience. With over 200 games in its portfolio, 888 Holdings PLC is here to stay. Note that is not currently open to USA players.


Cryptologic Based in Canada, Cryptologic was the first to offer an online casino called Inter Casino in 1996. With a portfolio of over 200 games, this software offers players Flash and Java platforms. The graphics are considered top notch and incorporate some of the finest slot and video games available at online casinos today. Considered to be one of the best e-gaming developers, it has been noted to have the most innovative online poker software. You may have also heard of WaterLogic casinos. They are a subsidiary of Cryptologic.


Wizard Gaming With only three years under their belt, Wizard Gaming is beginning to make a name for itself. Touted as having the best payout percentages and a myriad of innovative games, Wizard Gaming is on its way to becoming one of the most popular software casinos online. Although their portfolio is still growing, one of the highlights players enjoy is that downloading the casinos entire portfolio is not required. Just download those games you wish to play. Open to USA players, everyone is keeping an eye on Wizard Gaming to ascertain what new and unique products will be coming down the pike.


Net Entertainment Established in 1996 and operating in Scandinavia, Net Entertainment is considered a leader in online casino gaming. Since its inception, it has evolved into more than 40 online casinos with a portfolio of over 100 games. Offering download software to USA players, Net Entertainment has risen among the ranks to become one of the most popular casinos online. This is due in large part to their multi-lingual capabilities offered to players along with superb graphics and sound, a tight security system, and outstanding customer support service.


Grand Virtual Established in 1997, Grand Virtual software offers a unique experience to players from around the world. In fact, you can find Grand Virtual casinos on over 200 countries. Although not open to USA players, Grand Virtual nonetheless has exceeded all expectations in the gaming area due to its latest technological advances - specifically in the area of poker. Moreover, their casinos not only offer 3D interactive play such as slots and table games, but have a platform of more than 16 languages. This has garnered a generous base of players who seek secure, safe, and exciting game play.


Boss MediaConsidered to be the world's most technology-advanced e-gaming software, the Sweden-based company known as Boss Media offers players a unique gaming experience. It is not only available to PC users, but to PDAs, mobile telephones, and digital TV as well. Thus, their capabilities in serving the gaming community has far-reaching effects and when they state they can give players an opportunity to play games anywhere anytime - they mean it - literally. Their portfolio consists of such games as poker, bingo, slots, blackjack, and instant games as well.

When you are playing your favorite casino games, whether it is online Poker or slots, Roulette or even Keno, little thought is given to the software. But in fact without the casino software which is in fact the key to all your enjoyment, you would not be able to enjoy and benefit so much from these amazing games.

It's all thanks to the Casino Software Programmers

Online casinos are not just a direct copy of a land based casino, they are in fact a very well thought out and in depth adaptation that has gone through intense technical testing and development. In short we have the technical geeks to thank for the amazing games that we play. And how is their technical knowledge translated into our language, it is through the software that they create and use. We only see the end package which we use and benefit from. But there has been a long process of development and testing to bring you the software that powers online casinos.

The Casino Software Package

The casino software is a whole package that includes ideas, games, graphics, music and sound, and even interactive controls. In order to stay in the market and keep users interested and of course attracted, casino software providers are constantly updating their software and coming up with new innovative ideas. A few years ago, there was no such thing as interactive casinos but thanks to innovation and of course the forward thinking of all of these casino software providers, we have interactive casinos. One software company started and the others followed.

Casino Software Service and Supply

But innovation is not all that casino software is about there is of course also the ease of use. It is important for the software to be user friendly otherwise potential players will be put off and turn to a different user. There are two main types of software; downloadable software and no download software. Downloadable software implies and means that you can download the software of the casino to the hard drive on your computer. This means at any stage you can access the casino with ease and all of your games and statuses are kept in the software memory. Non downloadable software means that you can play your favorite casino games directly from the internet web browser, there is no downloading necessary and access is instant.

No Download and Download Casino Software

Apart from the very important basic differences of download and no download software there are also many other additional options that can be looked at. Casino software offers play for fun modes in addition to real money play. The play for fun modes enables you to practice your games before you place real money bets. This is a big advantage to inexperienced players who can learn and understand the games before they put their own money into it. Once you are familiar enough with the games then you can move to playing for real money which is of course the real purpose of casino play. All of the casino software providers are the crucial link between the initial idea of casino play and then the actual carrying out of the game. Without them we would not have our casino games. SO next time you play your favorite casino game, take a moment to think of the software planners and providers who we should be eternally grateful to!