Cryptologic is a gaming network that provides software to many of the leading online casinos worldwide. Its main strength apart from the obvious fantastic array of games and support is that Cryptologic has also bought the best in brands which can be used in their favorite games.

Branded Gaming at Cryptologic

Cryptologic is a leading software provider that marries the popular high street brands that are known worldwide with online casino game concepts and ideas to bring you the best in online gaming. Using Marvel famous faces such as Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk, you can enjoy over 200 casino games with different themes and ideas behind them. Cryptologic is a very profitable public company that is quoted on the NASDAQ and has a duty to its shareholders to provide the best in online gaming. With over 3 million players and US $60 billion having been spent on Cryptologic games to day, it has definitely proved itself as one of the best online gaming software providers today.

Many Languages and Currencies to Choose From

To date, Cryptologic offers its software in 8 different languages, mainly European, its management is happy to introduce new languages according to demand and special requests. Four currencies support the different languages and Cryptologic are also willing to introduce more currency platforms if there is enough demand. Cryptologic has also created its own Asian casino concept which has tailor made games for the Asian market in six different countries including international games.

Security and Support

Apart from the wide array of games that Cryptologic offer, they also have their very own cash management scheme called ecash which helps players balance and track all of their expenditure. With 24 hour 7 day a week back up and support Cryptologic understands and supports the need for hands on action and interaction with all of its users and customers. Apart from the wide array of casino games that are offered by Cryptologic they also offer a fantastic up to the minute Poker network with over 10000 members. Players can join the poker network at any stage and or just view the games until they are comfortable enough to play for real money.

Play for Fun or Real

Another big plus in using Cryptologic games is that a player has a very informative and easy to use games lobby with the option of viewing all of the games before he actually takes the plunge and plays for real. Games can be played for fun until a player is comfortable enough and ready to place real money bets which can be done securely through any of the online payment options that Cryptologic joins with. Playing Cryptologic games might sound cryptic but in fact it is one of the smartest and most secure moves that an online player can make when choosing his online gaming forum.


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