$10,000 Winner Guaranteed in BingoSky Promotion

One player will have the opportunity to be the $10,000 winner at BingoSky. This is a great incentive for a player to also claim their free $40 available at BingoSky. There is no deposit that is required and a new account will be instantly awarded with $40 for free. This money can be used in one of the many tournaments that BingoSky has to offer.

Money Train Event

For example, there is a $13,000 guaranteed Money Train Event. This is available for those people who enjoy fun and excitement but would like a chance at a cash prize. Some of these tournaments have a warm up game with a guaranteed award prize of $1000. There are three of these warm up games. After the warmup game, the Money Train will allow it players to make to stop at 9 p.m. to 10 p.m for the final warm up games before the big finale. The last game game will allow all BingoSKY players a chance at $10,000 in cash.

About BingoSky

Overall, this is a great way to not only try out BingoSKY, but to get free money without a deposit. Not only it is possible to use the free money towards the tournaments, it's a chance at winning up to $10,000. Players should start now by signing up for a new account then order player bingo cards in order for a chance to grab the $10,000 prize money.