An Overview of CryptoLogic Slots

CryptoLogic Ltd, one of the oldest casino software companies in the world, and is well known for its collection of casino games in the gaming industry. Anyone who has been in the industry would know about CryptoLogic. The company was originally created in Canada by Mark and Andrew Rivkin, and was done so more than a decade ago to answer the call for software in which players were looking for and was not on the market at the time. There were more than 200 games created, and the most popular ones have been the casino games in collaboration with the Marvel comic series. CryptoLogic had been granted the license to make these Marvel brand slot games. There are millions of players around the world who have developed their skills and strategies while playing slots from this casino platform. These games have provided the framework for some of the biggest and most well known casinos in the world, especially in parts of Europe. CryptoLogic was later acquired by the Amaya Group, and eventually sold to NYX Gaming Group for millions. There are numerous themes in Cryptologic slot game, and keep in mind there is a slots game for everyone to choose from when they play CryptoLogic slots. Some slot titles include Siberian Siren, Lucky Lager and Enchanted Beans slots.

Comics Themed Slots

It is without argument that CryptoLogic is well known for its comic themed slots. These slot games were created under license and there are other 10 titles to choose from. Comics themed games include Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Batman, Street Fighter, Thor and Spiderman Slots. The Fantastic Four Slots is a five reels slot game with 25 paylines. The minimum coin wagers is between $0.01 and goes up to $5 per payline. Therefore, it is possible to have a max bet of 125. Fantastic Four Slots is a progressive game with two jackpots, and it was created to showcase the well known Marvel superheros the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four are the symbols on the reels showing The Thing, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and The Human Torch. This is one of the first superhero team from Marvel when they were just starting out, and it is no surprise CryptoLogic made a slot game about them. There is a chance to win at least five free spins, and the top jackpot is worth 5000x the amount wagered.

Iron Man Slots is a great example of comics themed slot games by Cryptologic. Iron Man is based on the comic involving the quirky inventor Antony Edvard Stark who designs an Iron Man suit to turn himself into a superhero. This comic strip first appeared in the 1960s and has been popular ever since. The slot game by Cryptologic has five reels and 25 paylines. Players can look forward to scatters, wilds and multipliers when playing Iron Man slots. Coin wagers range from $0.01 up to $5 with the max wager being $125 with all lines played. Symbols include inventor Antony Stark, Iron Man, stacks of money, Stark Enterprises and the villainous Justin Hammer. This is also another progressive jackpot in Iron Man slots, and also the chance to win up to 6000x when you play Iron Man Slots.

Egyptian Themed Slots

There are many casino software providers with Egyptian theme slots. Some examples of slots produced by CryptoLogic are Ramesses Riches , Platinum Pyramid, and Valley of the Scarab slots games. Valley of the Scarab Slots features the Egyptian scarab as the centerpiece for this slots game. The scarab is a insect which was special to the Egyptians as they felt they has unique powers. The Valley of the Scarab Slots shows the River Nile, Anubis, Queen Cleopatra and a black cat as symbols in this slot game. There are five reels and 100 paylines to win while playing. Just imagine the many symbols combinations that are possible. Wagers are accepted from $0.01 up to $10, so the max bet is $1000 for all lines played. Bonus features include 8 free spins and 8x multipliers. There is the chance to win up to 3,750 coins as the jackpot.

Travel Themed Slots

Travel themed slots will always remain a favorite for many slots players. An example of slots with travel themes include Around the World Slots. When you play Around The World Slots, you will see the joy of traveling to different countries and experience international cultures. This slot game has five reels and 20 paylines. The symbols in Around the World Slots include international tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Big Ben,Sydney Opera House and a Chines pagoda. Other symbols are globes, suitcases and passports. The minimum coin wager is $0.01 up to $5. The top jackpot to be won is worth 30,000 coins. There are other examples of travel themed slots by Cryptologic, which include Thai Sunrise and Emerald Isle slots.

CryptoLogic Progressive Slots

As you might have guessed, there are a considerable amount of slot games by CryptoLogic which are progressive slots. Progressives refer to slots which are played in a network and monitored for wagers. Each wager on a spin of the reels will increase the amount of the jackpot until it is randomly triggered. Some examples of CryptoLogic progressive slots include Sub Mariner, Elektra's Slots, Fantasy Realm, Free Kick and Coral Cash games when you play any of these CryptoLogic Slots.