Pitbull Casino - the true story

Pitbull Casino was a new online casino accepting US players and used Flash (no download) as a base technology. Early adopters and bonus hunters rushed to try them and yes we confess, we did.

The site looked reasonable, the flash games were designed well, the casino and the poker room shared more or less standard set of the depositing methods and nothing looked suspicious from the beginning.

Later on when we tried games and transferred some money to the casino account we had some minor difficulties with banking process and as we normally do even without having problems we contact support - just to understand the level of service casino provides. In the Pitbull Casino case the support team member were not really trained and had hard time resolving our banking issue. Well we decided that this is pretty natural in the brand new casino situation. We know from the experience that several established and reputable online casino brands had difficulties in the beginning - who didn't?

But later on we started to worry when casino did not allowed us to make withdrawal because of the 'technical issue". Either way, we managed to get our money back right in time.

October 20, 2009 we were trying to enter casino and the server simply did not respond. The official site was covered by fishy banners of other casinos with affiliate links. This is the sign. Pitbull is dead and the owners have no intention to do any more business, otherwise it's impossible to explain their behavior. The casino who used to be the property of Dimensus Ltd. now owned by unknown person who takes no responsibility and the worst thing is - no money returned to the players and Pitbull affiliate partners.

The conclusion from the story is - read and search well before you trust online casino. Make sure you see signs that casino brand exists for a while, that people write good reviews about it and casino have good feedbacks from the actual players.

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