Video Poker Slots

Video poker slots may have only been around since the mid 1970’s but they have done their very best to come a long long way. Since their inception...when they were simply play-for-pay video games players have loved them and in that aspect...nothing has changed. To learn video poker is quite simple. It is just like playing classic draw poker. The object of the game is to hold the winning hand. you can see...a bit of skill is also necessary. You have to know when to “hold” and when to “discard.” Many folks...mainly the unseasoned type... find video poker to be a lot like a combination slot machine. Those who are avid online gamers know better though and understand that online video poker possesses two unique qualities.

No House Advantages

The main thing about online video poker is that the house doesn't have the advantage is lower than nearly all other casino games. Video poker maintains an average house edge of .46%. The other thing is that this type of gaming does rely on some skill...not just luck. Knowing a little about both slots and poker will do you well when playing. Your goal is to make the best hand of the five cards you are dealt. The catch is that you have to be able to make that call.

Lay the groundwork...

Developing a good video poker strategy is the best way to win. While there is really no video poker strategy, there are a few fundamentals that lay the groundwork for knowing what to hold and when to fold. The best way to develop these skills is to practice before wagering actual cash by engaging in free video poker games.

Statistics in brief...

Winning a slot machine jackpot is based solely on luck. There are no decisions to make that will change the outcome of the spin. This is not the case with video poker. Today there are over 100 variations of video poker. Video Poker has virtually the same rules of draw poker except you are not playing against any other players. Most video poker games use the combinations of hands that can be made from a standard 52 card deck. There are 2,598,960 hands that can be produced with a 52-card deck.

Many players enjoy the challenge and the excitement of playing video poker and many of these players are former slot players that happened to enjoy somewhat more of a challenge that slots can offer. Video Poker is not hard to learn and it is a lot of fun. Why not give it a try at Bovada Casino?