Dogecoin (DOGE) is the ideal example of how the power of the Internet gave birth to a new digital currency. Dogecoin is similar to other digital currencies such as Bitcoins or Ripple. The Doge canine first began as a fun joke on social media, and after the coin was launched, the response to doge grew rapidly until many people were using it to trade goods and services or just as a way to invest in digital currency. Anyone new to Dogecoin will hear it referred to as a decentralized cryptocurrency. This is just a way of saying that no particular government entity has control over how it is distributed. Since it is a form of cryptocurrency, using Dogecoin is anonymous and not tracked.  Even though it is not a physical coin, Dogecoin can be purchased and stored for use online at a later date.

Why Dogecoin Currency

It is no surprise to see so many people having purchased Dogecoins. Using this digital currency is a fast and easy way for casino players to get funds into their casino accounts. Casino players are required to first sign up for a free Dogecoin address, which is an electronic wallet to send and receive these coins. Electronic wallets may be stored on a computer or with the help of a mobile device. When a casino player wants to send Dogecoins as a deposit, he will only have to transfer coins from his Dogecoin address to the casino address. This is also a hassle-free way to get started without a long wait. Using Dogecoins is also a secure way to protect your identity. There are more reports of identity theft, especially involving credit cards. Using Dogecoin can prevent all of this from happening. The safety of Dogecoins allows casino players to quickly get money into and out of their casino account without leaving a paper trail. Keep in mind these are only just some of the reasons why players use Dogecoins to play in online casinos.

Top Dogecoin Casinos