AstroPay Card

Each day more online casinos offer deposit and withdrawal options for casino members to use. AstroPay is a type of card payment that involves the casino player purchasing an AstroPay Card and placing money onto it. This card can then be used online to make purchases or deposit money into the online casino account. This is a secure method for anyone who would like to play in online casinos, but would rather not use their bank or credit card details to send casino payments.

Getting Started With AstroPay

Before you can send a money using AstroPay, you will need to sign up on the AstroPay website. The website will ask details such as name, email address, the country where you live, and you will be required to choose a password to log into the payment card website. It is also possible to choose what currency you would like your card to conduct transactions in. You will then be able to make a payment of a certain amount for your Astro Pay Card. The electronic card is then created and the details of the Astropay card are sent to you email address. To make a deposit, casino members will able to enter the Astropay card details. Some casino websites will allow you to directly select that you are depositing with Astropay. However, other online casinos will just allow you to type in the Astropay number as if it was a credit card. By doing so, you will only have to enter the number for the Astro Pay Card, the expiry date and the three digit number called the CVV number. Casino players can also input how much they would like to deposit. The deposit is approved instantly and casino players will receive an email to confirm their deposit using Astropay.

Not a Credit Card

It is essential for casino members to understand that AstroPay is not a credit card or line of credit. Even though it protects everyone from having their bank account details from being stolen. It also provides privacy and security. However, members will need to put money or stored value on the card before they can use it as payment method at online casinos. This is what is known as a prepaid card or a prepaid debit card. You will only be able to deposit the amount you have on it as there is no overdraft capabilities.

Benefits of Using Astropay

One of the obvious benefits of using the AstroPay Card is the secure protection it provides online casino users. There is a decrease risk of fraud or identity theft as you are not sending your credit card or bank account to the online casino. Another benefit of this payment method is how it helps players to plan and budget how much they would like to spend online, as the card will not let you deposit more than you have loaded onto it. It is also good to know that many choose this as a payment option because it provides fast transactions. Bank wires or bank transfers might take days to be sent to your online casino account. Usually deposits are available in an instant or within much less time than other payment options. Keep in mind that the AstroPay Card is valid for 12 months from the day it is created, and it can be used multiple times. Some prepaid debit cards can be single use and then you have to get a new one. However, this is not the case here. Just add more money to the card and start depositing again.

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