Stratis (STRAT) might not have been the first cryptocurrency created, but it has gained in popularity since its introduction to the public. It was developed using the same blockchain technology, and it is part of trend of digital currency available in the current digital age. Since it was created using blockchain technology, Stratis belongs to the same group of other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoins. This digital method of payment is available on currency exchangers, and can be obtained in exchange for other currencies such as Bitcoins. STRATIS was also created to allow software developers the chance to use this technology to create apps on the blockchain, and thus it provides the blockchain as a service to others. This makes it possible to develop an application, have it tested and only deploy it by using the Stratis platform. Not only can Stratis be used by developers, it is also a valuable tool to exchange goods in services in the online marketplace as a token. Therefore, it is not difficult to obtain this currency, especially from online exchangers. Anyone wanting to use it will need a digital wallet such as the Stratis Electrum. Players can use this wallet to send, receive or even stake their wallets.

Why Use Stratis

Anyone will be able to see there are various reasons to decide on using Stratis tokens as a transaction method. As this platform has its own token, and it is also proof of stake, players will receive a more secure environment to conduct transactions. Using these tokens reduces the problem of someone stealing your information, and using it in a harmful way. More people choose to use Stratis because it is also a way to protect their bank account numbers and credit card details. Stratis can be traded for other cryptocurrency or traded directly for fiat currency in some exchangers. This creates an environment where STRATIS ensures only secure transactions are being carried out using these coins. Another reason to choose STRAT is because it allows for fast transactions. Casino players will be amazed at the speed at which they can transfer out or receive this digital currency for other people or a company. There is not comparison in speed to transactions using this cryptocurrency when comparing them to credit cards. Some credit cards can take one to seven days to approve a transaction. This is no longer the case when Stratis is being used. Players will also see no to very low transaction fees. Therefore, considering all of the above, it is no surprise people now use Stratis as a payment method.