Potcoin (POT) is a type of payment method used mainly by the online community to pay for goods and services. As the name would suggests, Potcoin derives its name from the slang term used to describe marijuana or cannabis. This electronic currency was created in response to the growing communities and States which are able to legally use cannabis. So it was created to be the cryptocurrency to drive transactions in the cannabis industry. Keep in mind that Potcoins are not actually physical coins in the way that dollars and cents are. Potcoins are an example of digital coins which are used over the Internet. However, like regular money, they can be used to make payments, especially in the online casino industry.  

Getting Started With Potcoins

To some people the use of Potcoin as a payment method might seem overwhelming. However, it can be a straightforward process to get started with using Potcoins. Since Potcoin is a form of digital money, players will need a digital wallet to store them. The digital wallet used can be from the Internet or stored on your computer’s hard drive. Anyone using Potcoins will have a choice whether they would want a wallet on their desktop or online. Each Potcoin digital wallet will have an address, and it is this address where coins will be sent from or to. After setting up the Potcoin wallet, the person can then fill it with Potcoins. Potcoins can be gotten in different ways. They can be mined, purchased using an online currency exchanger or traded for another coins. Some people might decide to mine Potcoin using a very powerful computer. However, this is more time consuming, and it is easier to purchase Potcoins as needed. The purchased coins can then be sent to your Pot wallet address. One of the reasons players choose to use Potcoins is because of the ease of sending and receiving this currency. Transactions are completed in record time by using this digital currency. This makes it easier for someone to begin with their online casino strategy, by not having to wait a long time for a deposit to be made. The opposite will also be true, and anyone using this currency to receive a withdrawal might have their money sooner than using credit cards. Not only are transactions fast, but they are also secure. No one will be able to obtain your private information, and your bank and credit card details are protected from anyone having access to them when you use Potcoin as a payment method.