Gulden (NLG) was first created in April 2014. It was originally called Guldencoin, but this was soon shortened to just Gulden. It is a type of cryptocurrency, with other coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoins being popular examples. Gulden was created initially for the European market, but people all over now have Gulden coins. It was created using blockchain technology, and this electronic currency provides an alternative to using the very expensive Bitcoin, or fiat currency such as Euros. Gulden currency is used in a similar way to Bitcoins. They provide a secure way to make purchases online and use these coins to play in casinos. Guldens can be bought and stored in an electronic wallet. This is an ewallet with the information available on a computer or mobile device. Each Gulden wallet will have an address, and it is essential for the owner of Gulden coins to remember the wallet address to send and withdraw Guldens from online casinos.

Using Guldens

Gulden coins are a secure way for anyone to make deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos. The security is based on the technology used to create these coins, and this makes them a more reliable payment option. Many online casino players will choose Gulden as a payment option because they do not have to use their credit card details with various online casino. In this way, an online casino will not have to worry about someone getting a hold of their credit card number. Playing at Gulden casinos allows players to quickly make deposits faster than using their bank accounts or credit cards. Gulden coin transactions are faster than other payment options, and casinos will not charge a fee for these transactions. These are just some of the reasons many people are using Guldens for online casino transactions.