There is a lot of news these days about the cryptocurrencies, and this form of payment method is not going away anytime soon. Some examples of the most popular digital currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar. Another example is Augur. Augur or REP is a crypto platform that was built off of the back of Ethereum. REP is actually a token that anyone with access to it can use for trades and predictions. Augur is decentralized and it has created a prediction market that exists to make it easy to place wagers and transfer money. This is another way to also make trades without any hassles.

Best Augur/REP Casinos

What is Augur?

The Augur platform is quite unique in the cryptocurrency world because it operates as a prediction in the similar way an online casino would. Players are able to set up predictions of what they think will happen and guess on the outcomes. The predictions can be for things such as politics, sports matches, Hollywood award ceremonies, weather, science, and whatever other predictions people can think of. When the result or outcome is known, users will report the results. This platform was created to make the process more decentralized and to not just have one entity controlling the process. Anyone wanting to participate in the process would need to purchase shares, and they can receive more back if they make the correct prediction.

How to Obtain Augur Coins

The first step is obtaining Augur REP coins is to purchase them from an online currency exchange. Players will need to have a wallet. There are Ethereum-based wallets such as MyEtherWallet, and players should only download this from a safe website. The easiest way is for you to buy Ethereum which can then be changed into Augur using an online currency exchange. Once you have you have found your wallet address for receiving, you can go on and do so. You can also choose to exchange other currency such as Bitcoin or USD to Augur if your online currency exchange allows you to do so. The wallet should be backed up and encrypted, and your private key kept safe. Having REP will now allow you to participate in the prediction markets or you can use the Augur coin tokens as a currency to be sent as payment to others such as when paying for items or to play online casino games. Since a part of Augur is as a value token, it is also beneficial to those who prefer to not use fiat currency or credit cards to play casino games online. Augur can be sent to the casino as a deposit, and securely received back into your wallet address when you request cashout. This is also an ideal way for those who are not allowed to use their credit cards or bank accounts for online gaming. They can instead use Augur to solve this problem.