US Gambling Sites

If you are one of many people looking for trustworthy websites to spend your money, then you will be happy to know that it is possible to find exactly what you are searching for. Here you will find more information about the total online casino gaming sites that are available for USA players. Players will be able to discover that many of these US gambling sites have been around a long time. They will also offer some of the best bonuses, and have extra benefits that include fast withdrawals using USD currency.

Play Bovada

One of the top sites for US players is Bovada Casino. This is a popular online casino that has been around for longer than most. This is the type of online casino that is ideal for those who are new to online casinos and other players who are experienced. There are various reasons why new and previous players come to Bovada Casino for their online casino content.

  • Bovada offers the total package. Not many online casinos for USA players will offer as much of a selection as they do. This is not just for casino games, but also for other types of online wagering. You can enjoy video poker, racing, and the sportsbook. Players will find multiple rooms for video poker with interesting games, and Bovada Poker is considered one of the biggest online poker sites for US players. Therefore, you will be able to play casino games and place wagers on sports while enjoying the races, and you can do so with just a single Bovada player account. Can you even imagine?
  • Another characteristic of Bovada Casino that players have highlighted as being important to them, and why they keep coming back is the faster withdrawals. Everyone likes to get their money within a reasonable amount of time. Casino players, especially, understand that technology has progressed to the point that there is no need to wait for what seems like an unending delay before they receive their cashouts. Instead, they use online casinos such as Bovada Casino which can provide check withdrawals in half the time. Some of the online casinos will take from weeks to a month to release a check withdrawal.
  • Bovada is also well-known for the level of service it provides. This is in the form of customer support. You will be able to contact support using email, phone, and live chat. Support agents are there for those times when you have a problem or need help with redeeming a bonus code.
  • Anyone who is looking for skill levels that include all types will be able to find it in Bovada Casino. The online poker rooms are great for those who want to play and win poker games, but also want fun doing so. This is friendly competition, and lots of games to enjoy

Overall, Bovada Casino is one of the top US casino gaming sites because it provides a bit more than other online casinos. There are safe casino transactions conducted inside this online casino, and the house edge is manageable. The level of service to be found inside Bovada Casino is also like no other online casino of this category or type.

Experience BetOnline Casino

Another option to consider is BetOnline Casino. This is another US casino gaming site that provides some of the characteristics above.

  • The casino is steadily becoming popular for the shorter amount of time it takes to approve withdrawals. Players at BetOnline can look forward to having their cash processing in less time than some other casinos.
  • Players will be able to enjoy other types of games. The games are lots of fun and the potential is there to win big. These games not only includes a diverse selection of casino games, but also poker rooms, and sports betting. Therefore, players will be able to try different games that appeal to them.
  • The poker rooms are popular at BetOnline Casino. They will not get as many poker players as Bovada, but enough poker players and games are to be found here for it to be worth the time. Just one account is needed to enjoy a variety of games at this online casino.

Enjoy 5Dimes Casino

A third example of an online casino that allows US players is 5Dimes Casino. They have a couple of characteristics that make them stand out among online USA casinos might be considered as another option.
  • One of the highlights of 5Dimes Casino is the professional level of support offered at this online casino. Players will be able to receive help using the usual ways such as live chat or email. However, any problems you have will be solved in a short amount of time.
  • The house edge at 5Dimes might be worth you taking a look. There is shown to be a lower house edge here when compared to other casinos not mentioned. Just review the odds that are posted and see if the game appeals to you.
  • In the way that Bovada is known for their poker games, in the same way, 5Dimes is known for their sportsbook. The sportsbook has been around for more than a decade so it this US gaming site has established a name for itself in this area.

The Legality of it All

Those who have been around a while will know that there were a couple of changes within the US online casino industry that were significant. The first was the passage of the UIGEA Act by former President George Bush in 2006. Many USA online sites were not able to survive. For example, the retreat of Party Poker or PokerStars a year later. These were two big sites that at the time ceased offering content to USA players.

A few bad apples or rogue online casinos have also caused these changes with more restrictions placed on USA players in an effort to protect players and their money. As a result of these bad apples, it is understandable that nowadays online casino gameplay is not allowed from unlicensed sites. Therefore, to consider if it is legal for US residents to play would depend on the state the player resides it. Most of the states with a big online casino industry allow players to enjoy casino gaming sites that are regulated and licensed. These sites must have state licenses to operate for state residents to play there.

Other than the UIGEA, the Wire Act also does not allows sports betting. At one time it was believed that this original law did not allow all forms of online gambling, but now the Department of Justice has clarified that it just pertains to sports betting.

So in many cases, USA players have found a way to directly enjoy online casino games and states have ways to indirectly make online casino gaming illegal. It is all a matter of where you live, and additional federal laws at the time.

Licensed USA Casinos

The licensed state USA casinos can be found in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey. What this means is that residents of that state are able to play real money wagers. The games vary by state with Nevada allowing poker games online. Delaware and New Jersey now both allow casino and online poker games.

Keep in mind that it is not just enough to play inside an online casino that is licensed by this state. The casino players must be physically inside one of these states. Even if you live in another state, you can go to Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey for online casino gaming and will be able to do so as it is in the boundaries of the state. These online casinos for USA players will implement features to identify your location, but these have had mixed results. The state licenses are for the regular casinos, but partnerships are formed with online casinos who apply along with them to be included under software licensing.

International Online Casinos For USA Players

There are some international online casinos which will accept players living in the United States. These sites are offshore, and located in other countries. They are not licensed online casinos in the USA, but are licensed in other countries such as Curacao or Costa Rica. Online casino players will use these sites, but they must be aware that not all of these online casinos can be trusted. It is essential to complete your due diligence and research these sites. Many players read reviews and the experiences of other players to help them make an informed decision. Therefore, this checking if any online casino gaming site is trustworthy is essential before signing up and making a deposit. Other online casino players will gladly tell you their experiences with good and bad online casinos, so just be willing to look for this information.

Keep in mind that not all international countries that offer casino games are dishonest. Casino players should be wise, and they will discover there are benefits such as more anonymity in playing games online. These sites can also offer games that would not otherwise be available in local casinos. Players may also be able to find sites that are less concerned about trying to make you jump through hoops and red tape to just play online casino games. The bonuses and promotions can also be quite competitive among these sites as they know you can easily take your business elsewhere in just a few clicks.

Banking Options

Even though no one likes to mention it, but US gambling sites only have a couple of banking options that they will allow. Credit cards continue to dominate the scene, but eWallets have become to show an increase in the past few years. The main credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, but in a limited quantity.

Other than credit cards, it is possible to use money transfers to deposit money into your online casino account. This includes options such as Western Union. These money transfer options are fast ways to get money in, and can be just as fast to use money transfers for withdrawals.

Checks also continue to be one of the most popular withdrawal methods, and Bovada only will approve check withdrawals. Casinos online have decreased their approval and processing times for check withdraws.

Cryptocurrencies have recently entered the online casino industry and are quickly becoming other options for deposits and withdrawals. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more.

The Future

Keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of what is currently happening in the online casino industry within the USA. There is still more to look ahead. Many people never thought they would see three states that have approved online casino gaming in some form or another. This is an industry with still a lot of growth left.