BetOnline Casino

Some online casinos give the impression that they never sleep; going full tilt for 24/7 365 days a year. Your first taste of Bet Online is charged with a caffeinated intensity that will be thoroughly appreciated by all casino lovers around the world. From the outset, it's clear that Bet Online is fired up about offering the best of all worlds; from Real Time Gaming's high quality games to a vast array of pro-active and inspiring promotions. Plus, being part of a sports book always lends an element of worldliness and diversity to the overall look and feel of the casino. Their highly responsive customer service department will walk you through any question you may have. Download Bet Online Casino today for the online casino ride of your life.

How To Create Account

New players may wonder how to create accounts for BetOnline. This is not difficult, but will require a few minutes of your time. When someone navigates to the website, they will see the "Join" button at the top of the screen. He can use this button to get started on account creation. There are no hoops to jump through just a simple page that 'let's you create your account'. Casino players are able to sit at home an start their new account online. They can sign up for an online account while at home or where they happen to be. The casino will ask for simple information such as your first and last name, email address, country, zip code, and phone number. You will also be required to create a password during this time and provide your date of birth. It is easy to see that creating a BetOnline account is straightforward. It is possible to create an account using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. You can select from mobile smartphones and tablets that are compatible with Android, Apple iOS or Windows Mobile. Keep in mind that the Betonline account created will also give access to other areas of this gaming site such as the horseracing, sportsbook, and poker games.

Promotions Dominate the Bet Online Culture

A sign of a confident casino that truly cares about their players is a range of interesting and rewarding promotions. Bet Online proudly displays all the different ways you can make money with them. Their Sign Up Bonus can earn you up to $2500 across your first 3 deposits, with 50% back on your first, 75% back on your second and 100% back on your third. Slots players have further reason to celebrate with their 100% back on every single deposit of $300 or more (up to $5000). Knowing that you're eligible for 100% back on every deposit throughout your lifetime of slots playing at Bet Online is a very comforting feeling. On top of that, from blackjack players to slots spinners, if you're having a string of bad luck, everyone is eligible for 10% cash back on all your losses. This will definitely take the sting out of any losses and get you back on your feet in no time. Again, being a part of a casino and sports book means that you're connected to the sporting world. To that end, every Monday night during American Football season, 1 eligible player online will randomly win a $250 bottle of champagne.

Bet Online Casinos Means Business with their Games

Each and every game at Bet Online Casino is a platform in and of itself to transport you to a different world while potentially earning you a lot of money. Each of their games, from table to slots is worth a mention, but we'll focus on three of the most outstanding slots.
  • You'll be howling at the moon in no time with Rain Dance Slots. This 5 reel, 20 payline slot pulls out all the stops as you ride with the Chief on endless adventures. For example, you can win up too 100 Free Games as well as re-spins, substitutes and scatters.

  • Cleopatra's Gold Slots is an action packed 5 reel, 20 payline slot full of all the best ancient Egypt had to offer. That includes winning up to 15 free games worth triple prizes or Cleopatra doubling already Pyramid sized winnings.

  • Food Fight Slots is a modern take on the cafeteria classic. This 5 reel, 9 payline slot throws all the food at you that you can eat, and then some. If you collect the three pieces of the Ice Cream Cone anywhere on the screen they you earn the scatter bonus. Spin the three pieces of the pie and you start the Food Fight Bonus round, where you decide where to chuck the pie.

For super fast action, exciting games and the most rewarding promotions online, download Bet Online Casino now.

A Convenient Mobile Casino

Playing in the BetOnline Mobile Casino makes it possible to start playing any game anywhere. Mobile devices have really changed the way people live and this can be seen in there no longer being a requirement of casino players to drive or fly to the nearest casino. They will only need to use an Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad to begin. Players will be able to start playing mobile games just by navigating to the casino website. It is also possible to use the casino's QR code and scan it on their device to enter the mobile casino. There are no extra details to sign in, but a good Internet connection is required. Online casino players enjoy the fast action to be found in the mobile casino. They are able to enjoy these games anywhere without having to carry their laptop or be chained to playing on a desktop computer. This is just more convenient for playing casino games online.

Download the Sportsbook App

Players can quickly download the sportsbook app to begin. This is a way to use a phone as previously mentioned to make wagers on sports matches and enjoy the other areas of this online gaming website. The sportsbook app is also available for BlackBerry. Other than an Internet connection, the mobile device will require an Internet browser to start the download. Players who want to play in the sportsbook using a desktop will also have the BetOnline Client which can be downloaded directly from the site. The Client will need to be installed and it will have an icon which you can just click on the desktop to open the browser and navigate to the website.

Check the Sportsbook Odds Online

The BetOnline Sportsbook site is not only for playing slots, but can enjoy time inside the sportsbook. This can involve reading the current predictions to determine what games will have a better payout. All of the latest odds for upcoming games are to be found right at your fingertips in a few clicks. In the Sportsbook are the main sports games such as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and Football. The spreads for teams are available not just for American games, but also European games. Players will see more information in the Futures and Props sections.

A Free Bet is Waiting

One of the best promotions available inside an online casino is the free bet. This online casino does offer these wagers free to players, either new players or current ones. Before someone starts with a deposit, they can use one of the free no deposit bonus codes to enjoy casino games. It will require an account to be created and using the bonus code, free spins or credits are given to play. Current players can periodically see free bonus coupons inside of the online casino account or found in their email for a new slots game or promotion. These coupon codes will provide from $5 up to $25 as a free bonus. Redeeming these will give the equivalent of free money and help players to try out various casino games. For example, the casino provides a free $25 for those who would get started in the BetOnline Live Casino and experience a loss. The money is reimbursed to them.

Betonline For US Players

Players who reside in the United States will discover that they can play inside this online casino. Betonline for US players is available for Americans who would like to sign up and take part in the various games this website offers. There are various currencies to choose from including the United States Dollar. Those who would also like to play in another language are able to do so. The casino offers security encryption to protect player information and provide safe transactions.

Understanding Sportsbook Limits

The Sportsbook limits will vary depending on the sport that members would like to place a wager on. Players can expect the higher limits to be for those sports which draw a bigger crowd and are more popular. For example, in United States dollars, you can expect the basketball to be between $5,000 on Money Lines. Baseball has a limit of $10,000 for Money Lines, whereas a PGA Golf Money Line would be capped at $1,000. This increases to $5,000 for the Ryder Cup wagers. FIFA World Cup has a limit of $10,000 on the Money Line for these soccer games. Basketball has the highest spread limit for an NBA game at $10,000, as compared to boxing where the spread limit is $1,000. An NFL Preseason game will have a $5,000 spread limit, and you can expect a $500 spread for a PGA game. The spread for a Ryder Cup game is $5,000. Players will see the site has a new feature in play that allows for a re-bet to occur once the odds change or after 61 seconds have passed. Keep in mind that even though the Sportsbook has published the limits for wagers, players will only have to call customer services to ask about increasing the limit for their online account.

Sportsbook Betting Trends

It is also possible to search within the Stats Center of the site for the latest stats for popular games from the MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, and CFL. The site also offers Sportsbook trends. For example, you will be able to see the latest CFL trends on teams such as Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, and Hamilton. This provides information on how well (or not so well) the teams did in the last five to 10 games. This can be all found on the Trend Sheet. There is also other useful information in the Sportsbook such as the Standings, Offensive and Defensive Statistics, Team Report, Game Log, and Team Player Stats.

Read More Sportsbook Forum

Players are able to find a BetOnline Sportsbook forum where they can find more information about what the site offers and how to place wagers on sports. Members will place reviews about their experiences, and these forums are the ideal place to discover what are popular wagers at the moment. Some posts will also reveal information about promotions and codes that players may redeem.

All About Deposits and Withdrawals

More information about Deposits and Withdrawals can be found in the Cashier section. This is easily accessible and where players may go to make financial transactions into and out of the site. Not only are credit and debit cards accepted, players can also use cryptocurrency to make deposits and withdrawals. This includes digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Other payment methods include Skrill, cheques, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, bank wires and transfers, money orders, Person2Person, Entropy, EcoPayz, Cashier's Check, credEcardPlus, and more.

Using Bitcoin Payments

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, and as a form of digital currency, players are able to set up their Bitcoin wallets to send and receive payments to this online gaming site. Bitcoin is the first of the cryptocurrencies invented as a way to make it easier to send payments between two people. The use of it inside of the online casino industry has grown because it provides a quick and fast way for deposits and withdrawals. Members are also able to feel more secure about sending or requesting as the Bitcoin wallet address makes it easier to send and receive payments. There is no requirement to use a credit card which is susceptible to credit card fraud or identity theft. Players now use Bitcoins to get more in or out of their online casino account.

Help and Customer Service

One of the things that casino members will notice about this website is that it is available around the clock with customer support. More information can be found from the Cashier, a support agent, and social media. It offers various ways to contact someone to receive help which include a toll-free number and email. Customer support will answer the phone 24 hours, 7 days a week when members have an issue to be resolved. There is also an FAQ section with answers to popular general questions are available. The casino has also made available the terms and conditions and General Rules for gameplay. These are all ways to receive help when you play BetOnline Casino.